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    sorry if this is a stupid/obvious mistake. I am following the build-basics steps in the wiki exactly, except i replaced "PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64" with "PROJECT=Allwinner ARCH=aarch64 DEVICE=H6" (target is an OrangePi 3 Lts).

    eventually got this error:

    The .threads\logs\22.log didnt seem to have any additional info.

    what did i do wrong?

    jernej lol, you assume i know how to recompile a kernel, I'm flattered. but i always wanted to learn, so i RTFM

    and it seems to be successfully building. (for my own future reference, I just replaced "PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64" with "PROJECT=Allwinner ARCH=aarch64 DEVICE=H6").

    for the patch though, i see a bunch of numbered files in subdirectories in "projects\Allwinner\patches". Do I just create a new text file somewhere in there with the contents of your patch? Does it matter what I name it?

    Thanks for help!

    turning off CEC from the Kodi side. And the device still froze, so my feeling is CEC is not the cause.

    I am sorry to further muddy the waters, but what version of LE were you running?

    This is just anecdotal, and not any kind of proof, but there was one of my Opi3LTS' that was also locking up even with CEC off. I had been running the recent v11 nightlies on it. I had actually written "flaky" on it with a marker and pretty much tossed it in the corner. But just for S&G I loaded the v11 nigthly from January 9th on it (the same version that has been running on another Opi3Lts for months without freezing).

    and now the same "flaky" board that wouldn't last more than 6 hours with a recent nightly on it has been running nonstop for over 48 hours with an old nightly from January. (and in both of these cases, CEC was OFF).

    I will install your kgdb/kdb kernel and keep my serial terminal recording...

    I am marking this thread resolved because I am 99.5% sure this problem has nothing to do with LE, and I also identified a reliable (but strange) workaround.

    I have several Opi3Lts, and some of them experience the problem frequently, but one of them never has. Also, even with a different OS (armbian) I was still seeing the intermittent no-ethernet problem. So this is not a LIbreelec problem, its probably a marginal hardware design.

    So here is my solution: I pinch the ethernet chip. Seriously.

    if the ethernet fails to enable after a boot, I place my thumb firmly over the small "Motorcomm" chip next to the RJ45 connector while squeezing directly behind it on the other side of the board with my index finger. I keep my fingers there while powering up the board, and once I see the LEDs on the ethernet socket blinking I can let go and it will be fine until the next reboot. Works 9 out of 10 times.

    I heard about this trick years ago, sometimes with a digital circuit that is on the verge of working/not-working the extra capacitance of a finger can delay or filter the waveform just enough to make something work.

    When I click on LibreELEC ADD-ons it says "Could not connect to repository". It only does this from my two OrangePi3Lts, from my Rpi4 it works fine. Been trying since yesterday. IP Address Thanks

    UPDATE: this might be a non-issue. I updated the Opi from v11 to the latest v12 nightly, and now the repository is working fine.

    i admit i was a little unsure what to do with the update you posted (it wasnt an IMG file that could be burned to an SD card).

    so i took an SD card that i burned with the latest v12 nightly image, mounted it on a linux PC and replaced the SYSTEM and KERNEL files with the files from the "target" folder in the tar you posted. It booted up and was now reporting that it was running your development version. Did I do that correctly?

    Anyway it ran fine and was working, including CEC. But I left it idle though and it froze after about 20 minutes. After a power cycle it it immediately says "[SKIP] Ordering cycle found, skipping" and sits there.