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    Here's some more info that might help. I attached the results of the "cec-client" command from both the OrangePi and from a working Raspberry.

    Everything starts out pretty much the same, they are both successfully doing CEC writes and reads and getting the same replies from the TV. But then about halfway down the Opi starts getting "Write - ioctl CEC_TRANSMIT" failures with errno 22.

    The pulse-eight github page does not list Allwinner or OrangePi as one of their compatible devices. That would seem to explain why I can't get CEC working on my Opi3LTS (LE tries to use the Pulse Eight driver).

    But I see from this post that at least once before someone got LE and CEC and Allwinner working together.

    So did older versions of LE use some driver other than pulse-eight to interface with CEC on Allwinner? Or is the Pulse-eight website being overly modest by not mentioning Allwinner compatibility?

    log files:

    intermittently, the ethernet port will fail to work after a reboot. Other times, it will eventually work but the boot process will be significantly longer and there will be a longer than usual delay before the LED on the ethernet port starts blinking.

    If I check dmesg after one of these long boots I see the "NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0..." fault. (it also shows up in the attached log). It dumps some diagnostics into the log, resets the ethernet adapter and then after a couple seconds i see the "Link is Up..." message.

    the occasional delay i don't mind, but when it never resets and the port stays dead is a bigger problem. :|

    I think I collected the logs correctly:

    Things were happening a little differently now though. After kodi boots, once i see the "Pulse-Eight CEC.." message in the top right the OPi freezes and automatically reboots. It would continue in a boot loop, unless i unplugged the hdmi and plugged it in with a cheapo hdmi cable (that doesnt have the CEC channel). hope this helps.

    I have an OrangePi 3 LTS running the newest v11 nightly (ethernet port won't work with v10 images).

    My TV remote can control my RPI4 through the HDMI CEC with no problem. But with the OP3, the TV recognizes it as "FLIRC" in its CEC setup, but doesn't actually control it.

    Is there some trick i need to do in the OP3 to make it emulate a FLIRC? Or is there a limitation in the hardware CEC implementation of the H6? Or is this just a limitation/bug in the nightly images?

    I followed Chewitt's instructions from a few weeks ago to setup Amazon Prime video using the Sandmann repository.

    It didn't work, but then I saw CvH's post from Jan 2nd that Amazon VOD won't work after the new year.

    Is that a temporary glitch? Or has Amazon done something to permanently put the kibosh on Prime access through Kodi?

    Is there any board (that I can hide behind my TV) that does work as well or better then the Raspberry 4 does out of the box?

    With the latest nightly builds, the Orange Pi 3 LTS works just as good as my Rpi4, even for x265. Plus it has eMMC so you dont need an SD card.

    And theres 900 of them available immediately on Aliexpress for $35 each. For HTPC use, I will never buy another Raspberry...

    gadget_guy Welcome to the club of LTS purchased for Libreelec and cannot be used.

    I don't like this club :rolleyes:

    Its actually not bad though, I just plugged in an old USB-ethernet dongle I had lying around and it works fine through that!

    So now my OP3LTS is able to watch h265 videos from my NAS just as good as my RaspberryP4. But it only cost me a quarter of what a RPI4 is going for these days, and it has eMMC to boot (pun?).

    sorry, this is probably a stupid question. But what is it about LibreElec that makes kodi run so well?

    I read that LE is made to be the bare-minimum OS needed to run Kodi, but what else is there to it?

    For instance, I can install and run Kodi on Armbian running on a OrangePi3, but its so slow and choppy that its unusable. But Kodi on that same hardware with the LE operating system runs great.

    Obviously LE doesnt have all the unneeded features of Armbian or a separate graphical UI, but does LE also have "better" device drivers or something? Or does it automatically configure Kodi with some tweaks that are missing when i install it manually on Armbian?

    Thanks for any info, I'm just trying to learn...

    I was very excited when my Orange Pi 3 arrived today. I downloaded the LE image for it, fired it up, and was hugely disappointed and confused when the Ethernet port wouldn't work.

    Once again I've been burned by my lack of attention to details. The OP 3 i bought is the "LTS" version, which i quickly realized from this forum does not have working ethernet with LE yet. :(

    It seems that jernej is working on adding phy ethernet support for LTS eventually, so all is not lost. Considering the low cost and high availability of this compared to a RPI4, its going to be a great alternative for h265 videos.

    Any update on how close jernej is to completing the update? Thanks.