Watch out! docker linuxserver updates go down

  • Watch out! with today's docker updates several linuxserver services like wireguard and tvheadend have started to go down, I needed to recover my LibreELEC backups and stop the updates until I know what happens ;)

  • False alarm! I have installed the linuxserver updates one by one and everything has gone well, but it is surprising that today between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm linuxserver has updated three docker images.

  • I thought it was solved but no, after a reboot wireguard and tvheadend still don't work.


    The problem seems to be some kind of incompatibility in the contents of the 'custom-cont-init.d' and 'custom-services.d' directories in the new versions of the services released by 'linuxserver'. I use these directories to launch scripts before the tvheadend service starts: install 'streamlink', install 'cvlc' and set epg collectors, all of which are lost with each update of the docker image. My workaround is to do these operations manually on every update.


    I have automated the process by creating a directory 'autostart.d' added to the docker install command as

    docker run -d \


    -v /storage/.config/dockers/tvheadend/autostart.d:/custom-cont-init.d \



    all scripts inside 'autostart.d' will be executed before starting the 'tvheadend' service. Now everything is compatible with the 'linuxserver' requirements.

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  • Thank you! It doesn't seem right to me that the existence of any file inside the internal /config/custom-cont-init.d directory, even the README.txt file created by the docker linuxserver/tvheadend service itself, prevents the container from working ;)