Librespot no longer works

  • Hello

    Yesterday I wanted to listen to Spotify again via my Raspi but connecting to the Librespot service no longer works.

    The debug log always shows these lines.

    INFO <general>: Librespot: [2022-07-31T08:38:05Z INFO librespot_connect::spirc] Fetching autoplay context uri

    INFO <general>: Librespot: [2022-07-31T08:38:05Z WARN librespot_connect::spirc] No autoplay_uri found

    INFO <general>: Librespot: [2022-07-31T08:38:05Z ERROR librespot_connect::spirc] AutoplayError: MercuryError

    INFO <general>: Librespot: [2022-07-31T08:38:05Z INFO librespot_playback::player] Loading <Pfandpiraten> with Spotify URI <spotify:track:5mgEeVcwIezrZD7E5gEdMN>

    INFO <general>: Librespot: [2022-07-31T08:38:05Z ERROR librespot_core::channel] channel error: 2 1

    INFO <general>: Librespot: [2022-07-31T08:38:05Z ERROR librespot_playback::player] Unable to load encrypted file: ChannelError

    INFO <general>: Librespot: [2022-07-31T08:38:05Z WARN librespot_playback::player] Unable to load <SpotifyId { id: 234057738187157726398571298791120724389, audio_type: Track }>

    Here is the debug log

    Raspi 4, Argone One m.2,LibreElec 10.95.1

  • The workaround also works for me.

    Many thanks for the type.

    Hopefully the addon will be adapted to this.

    Raspi 4, Argone One m.2,LibreElec 10.95.1

  • By way of a note. librespot update to 0.4.x has been in the backlog for a while. It has been updated but the following compile error still needs to be addressed. Based on the GitHub comments 0.4.2 might address the “issue” but blocker is time/knowledge in fixing the below first.