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    CoreElec 9.01, Wetek Play 2:

    I have had 115d in use over the weekend. It works good.

    It seems Kodi reacts faster than before, was that the desired effect?

    I have seen a similar problem yesterday evening for the first time. As a workaround I could add the song to the waiting queue and than move to the next song.

    I just switched several times between audio output on the android mobile and on librespot. It works for me.Spotify app version

    Hello again,

    CoreElec 8.95.3, librespot 112, Wetek Play 2:

    I currently have the problem that librespot is often not running after the box is initially booted. It is neither visible in the spotify app on the mobile nor is the process running ('ps -edalf | grep librespot' does not show it)

    I can help myself by e.g. open the configuration for the addon and saving it, librespot is than restarted.

    Here is a log for the case that librespot is not running:

    Any idea?

    It was just playing an album, the mobile laid untouched on the table. Maybe a quirk in the spotify app. I will keep an eye on this, if its occurs again, but will be away for three weeks.

    I had 111q run for a while today on my Wetek Play 2, CoreElec 8.95.1, Kodi audio mode.

    One time it just stopped in the middle of a song. I think it was around this log lines

    20:57:13.073 T:3839869808 NOTICE: Librespot: a playback stopped

    20:57:13.073 T:3839869808 NOTICE: Librespot: restarting librespot

    20:57:13.073 T:3839869808 NOTICE: Librespot: systemctl restart

    The log (reduced, it was huge) can be found here:

    I think I never experienced this with 111m. But it was not reproducible either. I played the same songs/album again and all worked well.

    Installed 111m, looks good after a quick test on Wetek Play 2, CoreElec 8.95.0. Both audio modes seem to work.

    Only observed one minor problem: Skipping forward in the Spotify app works fine, skipping backwards not. It seems that librespot needs two backward skips to go to the song before (one to the beginning of the current song, another one to the song before). The Spotify app needs only one skip backward to go to the song before. So you can bring both out of sync. I never tested this before, but assume it was present in the previous releases as well and it is a problem in the librespot lib.

    Using librespot with the TV off was the original idea, but then some installations had issues with ALSA

    librespotd is work in progess:

    Sorry, than I confused the names. I meant the librespot process (in contrast to the library or your addon) running in the background. Does it provide the time information for you to intercept (hooks,events,...), also e.g. for the case someone starts a song somewhere in the middle (spotify app)?

    If you get this information it should be possible to update the Kodi GUI.

    Ah, installing from zip. I somehow overlooked this feature.

    I do not think that the correct displayed time is important, I use librespot mainly with TV off. It would just make the integration more complete,

    Does librespotd provide the time information so that you can update the GUI? If e.g. someone presses in the middle of a song?

    OK, now it works.

    I uninstalled the addon, extract your archive under .kodi/addons, rebooted, activated, configured and Kodi mode works now.

    I think now it is the same as gurabIi reported. I see artist, album title. The lyrics is also searched. The time seems to be incorrect.

    Thank you awiouy!

    her my comments, after a short test.

    I seems that the problem on CoreElec with TVHeadend and librespot is solved on my Wetek Play 2. At least I have switched several times between both, switching channels,... Looks good!

    The ALSA mode works good now good as well.

    The Kodi audio mode has worked in the past better than the ALSA mode, but currently it does not work for me The spotify app on my phone is playing, but I hear nothing, And also see no song info.