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    My Raspis are equipped with "Kingston A400 SSD SA400M8/120G" not with sdcards.

    Could it also be because the HDMI cable is 5 m long?

    I have exchanged the the 4 Gig is connected to the Samsung also jerks with the 4 Gig.all two Pi's run smoothly on the Panasonic plasma.

    The Samsung TV is a 4K and the plasma is a normal 1080 TV.

    Does it have anything to do with that?

    Now with 10.0, the processor load has dropped considerably.

    Unfortunately, it still stutters.

    I have no idea what to release with the whitelist. I need help with this.

    E.g. the film has a resolution of 2 048:[email protected],976

    But is not offered by my whitelist


    I have two Rpi 4 with Libreelec.10.0.One has 4 Gig and the other 8 Gig Ram.

    Now I have noticed that the 8 gig in a movie (h 265) jerks at the 4 gig but it does not.

    Does the 8 Gig still have to be set something?

    I wanted to update the EEPROM bootloader of my Raspi 4 from 2021-03-18 to 2021-04-29.

    After a system restart, however, I was offered the same thing. Now I don't know whether this worked or not.

    Normally, if it has worked, it should no longer be offered in the WIF.

    It works.

    I plugged in another HDMI cable and another port from the TV (HDMI3 instead of HDMI1).

    What still doesn't work is that the Surroundbar switches on when a signal comes from the Raspi and switches off when the Raspi shuts down.

    Is there anything else I can do?

    I have always had these errors and I can't get them to go away. everything works, however. all thumbnails are saved and displayed.

    Can you tell me what is wrong?