Hardware suggestion for kodi box

  • Hello i am looking for a box that is silent, low power and does h265 10 bit hdr with no problems. Ryzen or intel. Preferably cheap.

    I am very confused with my options. Are there still a lot of issues with celeron processors? Will any 7th gen or newer intel igpu work, no problems? Would the ryzen embedded processor with vega work for me?

    Please suggest a kit, the more i read, the more confused i get.

  • Intel and AMD hardware just isn't ready quite yet for HDR, so no, there isn't a 'no problems' solution yet for you with LE.

  • I would suggest to avoid AMD for this. Intel, Gemini Lake is working well with test builds. I use Pentium Silver N5000 in an MSI Cubi N box with available test builds. Some newer devices are also working will in Intel NUC boxes, but even Gemini Lake is sufficient for the normal 4k MKV rips that I take from my UHD Blurays. I have no experience using Atmos, but I think that is now also supported.

    See this thread... LE11 HDR builds for Intel and AMD

    The mainstream builds from the LE download page are not yet supporting HDR on x86 platforms.

  • Go read post #2 again.

    Would the Rpi 4B (at least 2G) be able to do the following 2 things:

    1. Play 2160p h265 10 bit HDR files from local/nas source with DTS-HD/Atmos audio passthrough to a compatible soundbar/AVR

    2. Stream 4k netflix with atmos soundtracks using the netflix plugin in kodi

    I currently have a firestick 4k which can do no2 but not no1. From the reading I've done here it seems that the pi can do no1 but I can't seem to find a definitive answer for no2.

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  • 2. Stream 4k netflix with atmos soundtracks using the netflix plugin in kodi

    Netflix can play FullHD on RPi 4, but the add-on is updated very often. I suggest to search / ask at the Kodi forum for latest features. Netflix add-on developers are on that forum, not here.