Buffering / caching when streaming TV service

  • I have four RPi4 which had been using v10.0.1, but because of a bug in CEC, I rolled all four back to v10.0.0. Ever since, I've been having a lot of issues with buffering/caching when trying to stream my TV service. I use Sling and I watch it via a plugin that I found on kodi.tv. Was working great until this recent roll back.

    Here are my debug logs in pastebin.

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    Thank you.


  • Has anyone looked at the log file that I posted? This is a big pain the you know what. Every time I want to stream something from sling, I have to reboot the Pi to get the connection re-established. This was working fine up until I rolled back to v10.0.0. I even re-installed v10.0.0 from scratch and I'm still having issues.



  • It means the problem resides somewhere else buddy I'm afraid :) don't you see it ?

    Check your connection for packets lost or something...

  • If the streams works in 10.0.1 but not 10.0.0 that would indicate that you are tackling the wrong problem. I would change the post to address the CEC "bug" that you are talking about.


  • - no expert here -

    grepping your log for "avg speed" it seems the speed varies a lot.


    streaming via wifi ?



    connect replacing configured host mysql-pi01 with resolved host


    I guess you're running a mysql db/server ?

    I wonder why it needs to resolv the IP Address ever and ever again.

    mysql config problem ?

    - but as said: no expert here -