Unable to access the LE repository

  • Clean install on LE 10.0.1 on an x86/Intel box and I'm unable to access the LE repo. My Google'ing indicates its a NTP issue, but fixing the time doesn't seem to be working.

    Kodi logs -> ix.io/3IDK

    NTP -> ix.io/3IDR

    Interestingly LE has my time zone as Antarctica/McMurdo even though it set to New Zealand/Auckland in the Kodi GUI. If I change the time zone in the GUI to New Caledonia it show correctly on the CLI.

    Can I force the time zone manually by the CLI?

  • I think there are two separate issues:

    a) Logs show the box has an RTC chip that keeps time between boots, and connman reports NTP sync with under 1 sec clock drift and shows 1.nz.pool.ntp.org as the active server, and there are no certificate errors in the Kodi log - so it's not the "NTP fails to set clock causing invalid TLS cert" problem. You need to enable debug mode in Kodi and reboot/reshare the logs so we can see more about the failure to connect to LE servers. Also, have you tried doing a force refresh? (navigate left in the add-on browsing views, force refresh).

    b) Kodi sets the timezone in /storage/.cache/timezone when it changes, so from what I'm seeing in code/patches and the tz-data.service it would have to be Kodi writing the wrong value. Again, debug mode might show more (maybe).

  • Thanks for the help, think its a false alert.

    I am running the BanIP package on OpenWrt and looks like addons.libreelec.tv is being blocked by one of the blacklists. Will do some digging to find out which blacklist but for now the package is disabled and everything is running as expected.