1080p HD Playback Stuttering

  • Hi. I have and old Foxconn NT-3500 net-top PC I re-purposed to use as a kodi box.

    I am having trouble when playing back anything 1080p The video plays fine for about 5-25 seconds then sometimes stutters for a few frames as if it is struggling.

    SD content plays fine (480i / 480p / 576i / 576p and even 720p).

    It happens with all formats I have tried. AVI / MPEG2 / MP4 / MKV using H264 AVC or H265 and also on Blu-Rays played in the blu-ray drive and live TV from TV Headend.

    I thought it was that the box was just too low power. So when I got my new TV and couldn't use my DVD player any-more I built a new HTPC with a Blu-ray drive. The HTPC has an Intel i5 3470 / 4GB RAM and a 30GB SATA SSD.

    I am still getting the problem with stuttering HD playback on this new box!!

    Now interestingly, when I installed Ubuntu 20.04 and Kodi 18.6 on the new HTPC as a test, the issue is not present and all HD content plays back fine. So the hardware is fine and the problem is only with LibreElec, I have tried 9.2.2 and recently updated to 9.2.6.

    Can anyone advise how I can find the cause of this problem?

  • I tried LibrElec 10 Beta (LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.95.3.img.gz) and the issue is still present with this version

  • where do I find the debug log file?

    Apologies I am not too experienced with Kodi troubleshooting as it usually works without problems.

  • I haven't had time to find a log file yet, however I did notice that I have no stuttering with MKV 1080p / 4k files being played back, so far the issue is only with MP4 and MPEG2 and live TV / recordings which are also in MPEG 2