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    I haven't had time to find a log file yet, however I did notice that I have no stuttering with MKV 1080p / 4k files being played back, so far the issue is only with MP4 and MPEG2 and live TV / recordings which are also in MPEG 2

    Hi. I have and old Foxconn NT-3500 net-top PC I re-purposed to use as a kodi box.

    I am having trouble when playing back anything 1080p The video plays fine for about 5-25 seconds then sometimes stutters for a few frames as if it is struggling.

    SD content plays fine (480i / 480p / 576i / 576p and even 720p).

    It happens with all formats I have tried. AVI / MPEG2 / MP4 / MKV using H264 AVC or H265 and also on Blu-Rays played in the blu-ray drive and live TV from TV Headend.

    I thought it was that the box was just too low power. So when I got my new TV and couldn't use my DVD player any-more I built a new HTPC with a Blu-ray drive. The HTPC has an Intel i5 3470 / 4GB RAM and a 30GB SATA SSD.

    I am still getting the problem with stuttering HD playback on this new box!!

    Now interestingly, when I installed Ubuntu 20.04 and Kodi 18.6 on the new HTPC as a test, the issue is not present and all HD content plays back fine. So the hardware is fine and the problem is only with LibreElec, I have tried 9.2.2 and recently updated to 9.2.6.

    Can anyone advise how I can find the cause of this problem?

    Hi. I am having problems playing back DVDs on my HTPC. I am running LibreELEC 9.2.6

    Most DVDs will behave normally, but the problem is that some DVDs (there doesn't seem to be a link as to which ones) when played back will either hang for ages before loading a title or the menu, then just play fine as normal once loaded. The hang can be anywhere from 20 seconds to 6 minutes (the longest I waited before giving up).

    For example I have experienced these issues recently with these DVDs.

    • American Dad season 7 plays all menus and titles absolutely fine with no delays of any kind on all titles.
    • All 3 back to the future films have no problems either.
    • The Life of Pi loads fine to the menu and all menu functions work normally but when I play the main feature (including scene selection) it takes 2 mins and 38 seconds every time for it to start playing.
    • Independence Day, when I select Play Disc from the Kodi main menu, loads up and plays the 20th Century Fox logo video, then when it is supposed to play the DVD menu it freezes indefinitely. I left it on overnight and it still never started the movie.

    Some useful notes:

    • All my Home Movie DVDs burned on various OS and using different software over the years have no problems what so ever.
    • All of the DVDs I have tried other than home movies are legal copies purchased by me; they are not copies they are originals.
    • They all play fine in my old Sony DVD player (which I can no longer use as my new TV only has HDMI inputs).
    • The Drive is a Blu-Ray / DVD / CD Drive set to DVD region 0 (from factory). All the discs tested are Region 2.
    • I have used the exact drive in my laptop running Ubuntu 20.04 with VLC Player and the same discs as listed above all play perfectly.

    I am hoping someone with more knowledge than myself can help me get the playback to work properly.


    I forgot to add, after trying the above DVDs on my Dekstop PC running Ubuntu 20.04, everything is working perfectly in Kodi 18.6 and VLC Player. No issues whatsoever.

    So it appears the issue is LibreElec specific.

    It is indeed running libreelec.

    I have tried 4 different types of bluetooth dongle with the same problem.

    I am also experiencing the problem with the range when connecting my phone via bluetooth to libreelec.

    I am suspecting it is the fact that none of the dongles have a proper antenna, just a 1cm trace on the PCB

    Can I simply solder a length of wire to the pad on the dongle? And is there a correct length that a Bluetooth antenna should be?

    I have a very big problem, my recordings older than 3 months keep getting deleted. How can i stop this?

    I am using Tvheadend as my backend and I cannot find an option anywhere to stop this and I have lost lots of recording I wished to keep.

    I have all my timer rules and the default recording settings set to Forever in the TVH addon.

    Is this the default behaviour? I did not even know this feature existed until I went to watch something and it had gone!

    I have a PS3 bluetooth remote. The remote works fine with my PS3, approximately 5m from the console/TV

    I also have a PC running kodi and I have tried using the bluetooth remote with it via a USB bluetooth dongle

    The dongle is connected in the front of the PC and is approximately 5m line of sight.

    However I can only get approximately 1m range, hence defeating the point of a remote. If I am not standing immediately in front of the the remote takes up to 30 seconds to respond.

    Any idea what to do?

    OK so the HDMI dummy plug had no effect whatsoever.

    Adapting VGA and audio to HDMI had no effect either.

    So the fault, I would assume at this point, must be with the way that the TV is receiving the HDMI stream.

    Now if it was just my TV I would think it may have been a fault with a component inside it. But this is happening to two of my friends with Xbox One. One of them has a brand new TV. He has even exchanged it and it still happens on his TV.

    I have tried my Kodi box on both friend's TVs and the blinking problem happens for them too. Also on their Xbox Ones but not for PS4. Weird right?

    Anyone have a clue what is happening? sounds like some kind of HDMI version compatibility perhaps? But then why would it not be compatible with a brand new AND and old TV?

    I wouldn't have a clue how to test this.

    All above devices work fine on my 2007 cheapo Argos TV using HDMI, so I don't the devices are faulty.

    I have not submitted anything to kodi github before. Can you send me a link to the correct place to submit to please?

    Also, where can I find the kodi debug log?


    I tried playing the video on VLC player on Ubuntu 18.04 and it works fine. It also works on Kodi on the same Ubuntu PC.

    So there is a a codec to play quicktime QDMC audio. Question is what is it an how do I install in on libreelec?

    searching Quicktime or QDMC in the add on repository shows no results.

    OK, so I ordered a DVI to HDMI adapter, I connected this to the DVI port of my Foxconn Nettop 3700 and then the HDMI from the adapter to the TV.

    I can confirm that this adapter and my PC supports sound via DVI. However the HDMI blinking problem is still there.

    Again I changed the HDMI cable and tried all of the ports on my TV. blinking still happens.

    Also tried the other identical PC from the bedroom again with this adapter. Same problem in living room, working fine in bedroom.

    Plan B

    I have ordered a HDMI dummy plug to see if that will work.

    Plan C

    Using the PC through VGA on the living room TV has no problem working at all. Unfortunately my TV will only accept 1024x768 via the VGA socket, even though it is a 1080p tv, so I have also ordered a VGA + audio to HDMI adapter.

    My friend brought his XBOX one round to try because he has this same problem with his XBOX and his brand new Samsung TV. The blinking also happens on the XBOX one with my TV. I have yet to test my Foxconn PC on his TV but it looks like there is a connection here (or lack of lol).

    OK, so I implemented the script (modified for my pc)


    pactl load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:0,3 #HDMI Audio (Stereo)

    pactl load-module module-alsa-sink device=hw:1,0 #Analogue ⅛" Audio (Stereo)

    pactl load-module module-combine-sink sink_name=combined slaves=1,2

    Now when I play anything the audio is continuously, but randomly going tap-a-tap-tap-tap-tap

    then it fades out and comes back again after a few seconds.

    It is very loud, about 80% the volume of the signal.

    There is also a slight hiss in the background.

    When I use the two audio sources separately, the sound quality is fine. No noise, and no hiss.

    Anyone have a clue why this would happen?

    So I have a problem with one music video in my library. It plays the but there is no audio.

    If I recall this video is a quicktime video.

    The video codec is SVQ-1 (Sorenson Video v1)

    The audio codec is QDMC Audio (QDMC)

    I searched the add on repositories for QDMC but cannot find a codec. Is there one?