Question about video size on screen (Raspberry Pi 4b) (LE10)

  • Hi guys,

    I have LibreELEC 10 beta running on my Raspberry Pi 4b (4GB). I'm running the latest Nightly every day.

    I have a couple of 4K UHD rips on my NAS which I playback on my Optoma 4k UHD35 beamer.

    Several video's output differently on screen, while the Kodi UI is calibrated perfectly.

    Some video's need a positive zoom and some video's need a negative zoom to fill the projection screen edge to edge.

    I apologize for my n00b description but I guess you'll get what I'm saying.

    How is this possible? Why aren't the video's filling the screen correctly? Any idea's?



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    Please post photo's of what you mean.

    All I can think of is the fact some movies are 16:9 vs 21:9. You really shouldn't touch the kodi GUI calibration at all and instead use the display's picture options to "fill" the screen ("HD mode", "just fit", etc).

  • Also, if calibration is used, as far as I know it is only applied for the resolution that is in use at that time. So if applied to the UI, it would not apply to videos which were using a different resolution. If you do need to apply calibration to videos then you should apply it while displaying a video which has problems with the default setting.