RPi 4 - LE10 - Only audio when playing some videos

  • Hello all,

    Following the installation of LE10 beta on my Raspberry Pi 4, one of my TV show (all episodes) will only play the audio track, and kodi stays in the menu. Trying to "force" the video player in the foreground brings up the OSD but still no video (menu stays in the background). The files are playing without any issue on 9.2.6.

    Is this a know issue? Anything I can do about it other than wait for an update?

    Thank you!

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    Post an entire kodi debug log (using pastebin preferably)

  • I got around to booting up LE10 again today to get some more complete log on my issue.

    I had seen other post mentioning that "hdmi_enable_4kp60=1" is not supported yet in LE10 so I gave it a try. After removing this line, the problematic videos are playing fine under LE10.

    Problem solved :)