SD card minimum requirements?

  • hello!

    I could not find any info about the minimum storage requirement of the SD card to be able to run the Libreelec+Kodi on a Pi4. can you please help on that?

    also what about the internal memory requirements? there are 2-4-8 GB Pi4 models on the market, just to not buy unnecessary and unusable hardware.

    (media files are on a NAS, so I would not use this as a storage, just the system needs to work)


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    A Class-4 SDcard for absolute minimum, a Class-10 for comfort. For better read and write speeds, use a SSD via a USB3.0/SATA for booting and running LibreELEC.

  • RPi 4 with 2GB is good enough for most (all?) users.

    I'd go with 4GB just in case (price difference isn't humongous) but 8GB seems to be overkill.

    Edit: USB3 to SATA adapter and a decent speed (small) SSD as RPi4 supports USB boot and You are good to go for quite a while...

    => Just my 5 cents...


  • thanks Jocke! however as I do ot need soo many functions, nor storing any media on that (but rather using the NAS), so I think of having a big USB stick would also be a good solution is case?

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    RPi4 2GB model and up are fine for LE(10) .. in our testing the 1GB model is fine for 1080p media but has issues with 4K.

    SD cards 4GB sized and up, but more than 16GB is probably a waste of money as big cards are sill prices so you're better off with a small(er) boot card and media on a USB drive. The smallest cheap cards I can find in the shops these days are 16GB class 10 cards.