LibreELEC on RPi 400 does not find any Bluetooth device

  • Sorry if this is actually already posted somewhere but I was unable to find anything that helped. I installed LibreELEC 9.80 nightly 20201225 for use with a Raspberry Pi 400, and found that it does not find any Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth service is on, and Bluetooth audio (connect to external BT speaker, and play sound on it) works fine on RPiOS. Any ideas?

  • So how does it work? Do I download the /firmware/boot folder, and drop its contents into the SD card's /boot partition?

  • So however it works with the update, it is not likely to fix the issue?

    On the other hand, how come it does not work if the RPi 400 is 'just' an RPi 4 in a keyboard? Makes no sense to me, unless it is known that Bluetooth also does not work on the RPi 4 with LibreELEC.

  • Firmwares and kernel are up to date in nightly images, the problem is that the bluetooth part in LibreELEC settings is currently broken - this afects all platforms, also x86 etc. No ETA for a fix, it's being looked into.

    BTW: The Pi 400 isn't a "RPi4 in a keyboard", it's a bit different in several details - for example it uses a different WIFI/BT chip (which is why you won't get WIFI/BT in LE9.2).

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  • dumetrulo

    The settings add-on was using python dbus, which worked fine until LibreELEC 9.2.x

    However python dbus is broken on LibreELEC 10 (currently available as 9.80.x nightlies)

    The settings add-on is currently being rewritten to switch from python dbus to dbussy/ravel

    The networking part is nearly done

    The bluetooth part will be next, but will likely need a couple of weeks of work

    In the meantime, you could try using CLI tools

    Keep it legal and carry on

  • ssh into your pi

    bluetoothctl  - to start the bluetooth control program

    power on - to enable bluetooth service.

    Put your remote in discovery mode

    scan on - scan for pairable devices. The address, <dev>, and device name will be listed. Use the address, <dev> to pair

    pair <dev>

    trust <dev> - if you or your device needs it. ;)

    Exit - Quit bluetoothctl

    Exit - end ssh session

  • Thank you LongMan! I had this on the backburner for now so I didn't get around to working with the commands yet. Plus, if connecting to the speaker is not automatic after pairing, there is little use in trying this, and I would rather wait for a fixed version of the UI.

    Speaking of: does anyone have any idea when a fixed version might become available?