libreelec 10 rpi4 status

  • hello! with showstoppers like seeking with hw accleration etc, is it more likely that le 10 will be released a long time after kodi19 is finished or atleast that rpi4 releases will be delayed?

    thanks for all your effors.

  • Seeking with H264 HW decoding is currently being worked on, yesterday we had a first working test version (but it's not finished/final).

    I can't give an ETA when we'll do a first alpha release - RPi4 builds are already looking quite good but there are also other things that need to be fixed/ironed out before we start wider testing.

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  • Short update:

    Kernel 5.10.1 update and a first version to fix seeking with H264 (and MPEG2/4 on RPi2/3) hardware decoding were merged into master yesterday and are now in nightly builds.

    CEC on RPi2/3 should work again and H264 hardware decoding is now enabled by default on RPi4.

    H264 seeking isn't perfect yet, sometimes it jumps to the beginning of the file (this is being investigated). You may also notice a bunch of ERROR lines in kodi log when seeking, these were (temporarily) added to make debugging seek issues easier - just ignore these if seeking works fine for you.

    Video occasionally cutting out on RPi2/3 is still an issue, this is also being looked into.

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  • I still had an occasional seeking issues with H265 (using Live TV and Timeshift in RAM only) on recent LE 9.80 nightly builds, I supposed to be the Tvheadend 4.2's issue but perhaps I don't understand how it works together...

  • Live TV and especially tvheadend is a different can of worms, better keep discussion about that confined to separate threads, otherwise the worms will creep everywhere :)

    I can't really comment on Live TV issues as I'm very rarely using it.

    The seeking issues I mentioned only affect H264 decoding with HW acceleration (which was previously disabled on RPi4). I didn't have any issues with H265 HW decoding and also am not aware of any issues in that area.

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  • OK, thanks a lot for your reaction.

    The seeking issues I have encountered were like sometimes the 'cursor' jumped outside the Timeshift window borders when I tried to move back or forward and then it was jumping back only (to nonsense minus values) even if I wanted move forward. So the only solution was to stop playing the channel and start again (so whole Timeshift data were lost).

    I would say that main reason why it happens is a temporary bad signal (this happens as I have indoor antenna only) so the data stream suffer some corruption. Then also the Timeshift may have unpredictable behavior (but should not perhaps jump outside borders anyway). I'll see if there's any change in latest builds or not (I understand it should be still the same for H265 but who knows :) ).

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  • When using HW decoding of H264 video with HD Audio (DTS-HD) - there are sound dropouts.

    H265 or SW decoding are OK.

  • hello! ive installed nightly with date 2020-12-30 and skipping works great, however I get weird artifacts on the side of my tv (Sony 55" A85 4K UHD OLED Smart TV KD55A85), it appears both in menu and while playing video.

    Thanks for any help! screenshot attached

    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

  • Quick heads up: the next nightly build adds support for 4k up to 30Hz (60Hz needs more work and will follow later).

    It's best to configure display to 1920x1080 60Hz and whitelist 4k 23.98/24/25/30 and 1920x1080 23.98/24/50/59.97/60 modes (plus any other lower res modes you want).

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  • The 4k 24 FPS files I tested with (8 and 10bit HEVC) played fine. Can't say anything about 50/60 FPS as video driver doesn't support 50/60 Hz yet.

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  • Will LE going on a another release strategy like only nightlies and then final version?

    Or will there be "official" Alphas and beta releases?