Set up wifi for another location?

  • I set my mom up with an S905 box and configured her so that she could stream all the grandkids videos, vacation stuff, etc. It was all working well until her Brighthouse cable modem died.

    The repair guy set her up with a new modem and (I believe) her old SSID but a new password - for some reason 'he couldn't set it up like it was'.

    I had her mail me the microSD card and I'll have it tomorrow. I have an identical box at my house, so I can pop her chip in mine and boot it.

    What file can I edit to *add* her new SSID/passphrase so that it will 'automagically' work when she puts it back into her Kodi box?



  • The repair guy set her up with a new modem and (I believe) her old SSID but a new password - for some reason 'he couldn't set it up like it was'.

    That's basically a load of horse manure, unless the router requires a password of at least XX characters and the old password was too short.

  • Yes, it was BS - but I'm several thousand miles away and that's too far to call it on a guy who likely doesn't care.

    Can I simply edit whatever file is in the directory, mglae, or do I need to create a new file/etc?


  • I'm certainly not shy; my question is:

    Is there a specific file which will be in the directory (I haven't received the card yet) and do I just substitute the new SSID/password or am I creating a new file for the new SSID? Are there multiple files/1 for each SSID the system has encountered, etc.?

    Just looking for more guidance since I will be editing the SD card and sending it back without being able to test it on *her* system. I get one shot to get it right.


  • nano /storage/.cache/connman/settings and edit the value of SSID. I only found an outdated doc, but maybe it helps: Click!

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  • Thanks; I'll give it a try when the SD chip comes in - I'll set it for various 2.4GHz networks around my house and see if I get a connection upon reboot. All my devices use wired connections, so it should be a useful test.

    Then, hopefully, when I return it to my Mom, she'll be plug and play - I know she's not editing Linux files from her PC.


  • I was vague on purpose...

    In /storage/.cache/connman you do see a directory for every configured wifi network as "wifi_SSID_MAC". The configuration is stored in the settings file.

    Changing i.e. password is simple but if changing the SSID a new directory has to be created.

    Important: if changing from the running system connman has to be stopped before.

    You should test every step in your environment with your identical box before.

  • I went ahead and deleted the wifi_xxxxxxxx directories in the directory. My mom can type her password in once the unit sees her 'new' SSID. Everything seemed to work on my end, and that's how I delivered it originally.

    Fingers crossed.

    Thanks for the ad