LibreElec Kodi RaspPi SDCard and USBstick

  • I was reading the other day how to set the OS files on to the SD Card and storage on a USB, is it worth doing that? if so is there a guild I can't remember where I was reading bout it, from what ive googled, you just install it all on the sdcard and then create a file "cmdline.txt" and add

    " Boot=/dev/mmcblk0p1 disk=LABEL="MYUSBSTORAGEDISKLABEL" quiet "

    and then format the USB stick to EXT4

    is that correct?

  • is it worth doing that?

    That depends on which type of RPi you are attempting this.

    For a RPi 2/3, it won't make much of a difference speedwise.

    RPi4 has USB3.0 support so that can make quite a difference.

    The RPI 3B+ and 4B can also boot directly from USB, if that helps.