First Post - First set of Questions

  • Hi All,

    I am new here so first let me apologize if i am looking for a some basic answers , which might be around already to be found with simple search, and i will go about it after this post.

    I have just spent too much time already to get to know kodi and different base os's to get what i want.

    So I have a Pi 3b , which i was using mainly for DNS/AD Blocking. What i want was a Android TV like setup to watch content using some india specific apps. So after hit and trial, i just finish watching movie using LibreELEC on a addon called "Disney+Hotstar".

    So this was the best i could do so far but i ran into some problems for which i need help, they go as following:

    a) If my TV is switch-off and i turn on the Pi, i never get display on TV until i restart Pi with TV on in advance. Is there any tweak to fix this, so display should work irrespective of TV is turned on or off?

    b) On movies, i got some pixelation quite some times ( many times ) , its like white check boxes popup many places before getting replaced by actual movie content. Any tweaks to fix this would be a huge welcome. I encountered this specially on Marvel movies ( if this helps ).

    Thanks for your help in advance./shrug

  • a) Both devices need to be powered on (or possibly in standby) to do a HDMI "handshake" so several values/settings can be exchanged.

    FYI, lots of people never turn off a RPi device, since the power consumption is so low. 2-3 Watts for a 3B.

    b) "Pixelation" is a bit vague. It's possible that due to drops in your internet connection, your movie provider is compressing the video 'to death' in some way.

  • Thanks

    I am not willing to turn off Pi as well, but i do have to turn off TV. But when i turn it back on .. its bank.

    Also, at times, the movie doesn't start and screen is stuck with a circle icon, which eventually never timesout, leaving me no option but to reboot the pi.

    I have a WiFi on 2.5ghz, i am going to find a compatible 5Ghz and switch to that but i dont think its my wifi since its barely far and i have a 100mb fiber.

    I think its just that Pi3B isn't the best to run the latest versions and lack of GPU seems to be the problem.

    I can handle these shenanigans but i need to have a working stable system for family members, i am reviewing off the shelf android tv box such as Mi Box/Amazon Fire stick etc I think i will end up buying that if i cant have this running without running into trouble.

    thanks for your answer.

  • If the pixelation happens only when streaming videos from your addon and not with local or networked media, then the problem is with the addon or your internet speed.

  • The wifi module of the RPi isn't the most performant solution ever designed.

    The antenna is pretty small to begin with, so if you have any opportunity to use cabled network, do so.

    It doesn't matter if how fast your internet speed is. If you have a crappy wifi connection, all falls apart.