problem with libreelec and my avr - also dsd??

  • hi there, first time post with a few questions..

    i have been using kodi for over 10 years, windows, openelec and now libreelec

    the problem i am having is that when my libreelec machine is plugged into my avr (denon3808ci) there is no picture on the tv.

    i see the bootup screen for my pc and then it goes black and doesnt come back on. has anyone else had this problem?

    i feel like it could be to do with the resolution changes as libreelec changes resolution a few times during bootup. however i could be totally wrong and its something else all together

    the video output on the denon avr seems to be fine. i can access the gui when there is no kodi machine plugged in via hdmi

    i am using the onboard intel graphics, however i did just buy a new gpu (nvidia 1030) but it wont fit with my current power supply.

    has anybody else had this same problem?

    im currently running hdmi from my libreelec pc to my tv (pioneer kuro) and picture works fine, i am then outputting an optical cable from the tv to the denon avr

    it works but i dont get the hd audio formats. which is quite annoying

    onto the second question.

    i have a collection of dsd audio files and also sacd.iso files.

    the denon avr is capable of doing dsd via hdmi.

    im wondering if anyone has had success playing dsd via hdmi?

  • Thankyou. I got it working. Really nice of you!

    So now with dsd audio, was it added into libreelec Kodi 18.8? Or is it just a Windows Kodi thing?

    Has anyone been able to do dsd through hdmi from pc to dsd compatible receiver?

  • I've never seen a DSD user on this forum. There is no proven advantage compared to PCM.

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  • thankyou.

    so my avr is not happy with my htpc again

    it has to be something to do with resolutions, as libreelec changes resolutions so many times during bootup.

    the avr works fine with bluray and chromecast ect through the hdmi ports. but it really doesnt like my htpc.

    the screen just stays black after i see the asus f12 menu sort of thing.

    htpc works fine directly into tv..

    i really dont want to change to windows. unless i can play dsd through kodi on that

  • Connect your HTPC directly to the TV, do the above EDID procedure, and then go back to the HTPC -> AVR -> TV hardware setup.

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