When will Amlogic be "properly" supported again

  • Any news about when this will happend ??

    I am having more and more problems with my system because I can't upgrade to 9.2.x releases......

  • Have you looked at CoreELEC?

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  • Any news about when this will happend ??

    driver wise it is already in a good shape, current main blocker is proper (without crash) seeking at ffmpeg

    its not really AML dependent at the moment (Rpi and others has the same problems)

    stuff is currently on hold or can't get properly implemented because the kernel apis are not finished - a matter of time with no real timescale at the moment

    Btw the difference between the legacy AML kernel + drivers that get forward ported for years now and the proper linux kernel drivers are big.

    Its basically properly redone from scratch instead of workaround the workaround of the workaround of a terrible codebase. It is very noticeable at Kodi and overall. Ofc not yet fully working.

  • ah ok, then I must wait some more. I just remembered someone saying that there as beta we could get access to but I don't know how to do that. But again if it's not stable then I better wait. I hope they will be ready when the next release of kodi (matrix) is lunched....

  • no but I really dont want to change to a new system, but thx for the suggestion......

    CoreELEC is a 'fork' of LibreELEC, so it's basically the same application but more tweaked for AMLogic devices.