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    For LibreELEC it's looking like the RPi4 will be the way to go once the HDR functionality is polished up.

    But otherwise I'd still say you can't go far wrong with an Nvidia Shield TV, it's still by far the best all round media player on the market, and everything 'just works' with minimal fuss.

    I asked about that in a other post and was told that it was not supported by LibreElec at all but Kodi Android would support it.

    My plan was to get a nVidia Shield Pro but if not supported by LibreElec then that's no godd. :(

    RE: AMLogic device becoming unstable

    RPi4 .. because while there are many technically superior hardware devices and RPi hardware always has compromises, the level of software support we get from the Pi Foundation developers is second to none; and they care deeply that Kodi runs well on their boards. There are still some feature gaps to plug, but now initial support for HBR audio and HDR are done the number is shrinking quickly and an RPi4 is a solid daily-driver. Or an Intel Tiger-Lake device, as that platform has massive commercial backing and is effectively the reference design for non-ARM things.

    Thx for the reply.

    Regarding Tiger Lake, then how is the Intel NUC supported ny Libreelec -->

    Intel NUC11TNKi3 Tiger Canyon - Core i3-1115G4 - Barebone | Billig

    Intel NUC11TNKi5 Tiger Canyon - Core i5-1135G7 - Barebone | Billig

    And if they both are fully supported and good for LibreElec, then what is best for 4K. The I3 or I5 ??

    I am not a big fan on the PI hardware for mediacenter....

    S0 my old medie center box died and a need a new one. So witch one to buy ?? Primary use is movie/series playback from my NAS and some plugins like Youtube, Twitch and Danish TV app.

    My old was an armlogic device and I would like one that is fully supported by LibreElec (primary build so updates are "fast"), able to do 4K playback because I have a 4K tv.

    I prefere something with new hardware so it will be supported longer by LibreElec.

    Thank you for the help.


    LibreELEC-AMLGX.arm-9.80.9-box.img.gz is an experimental mainline kernel image that includes support for the WP2 *but* there is currently no upstream support for the DVB card in the box and no HEVC so it might not be the solution you're looking for. Recent CE images will be more feature complete, but I have the impression CE are becomming more focussed on newer devices (and newer vendor kernels) as their latest kernel reportedly drops support for S905 (because the vendor BSP dropped support) .. so there's some renewed interest in the direction LE is taking.

    Hi Chewitt.

    Thx for the reply. Yeah I see the problem and FYI I think there is a hardware problem with my box since it only boots into "safe mode" now and then I can't do anything.

    So properly time to buy a new system. I am looking into maybe getting a nVidia Shield Pro devive and install LibreElec on that. Is that a good system that will be support for some years or is there a "better one" to buy. I have a 4K TV so would like a system that also supports this.....

    Thank you.

    Sounds like a bit of SDcard corruption. Right now, CoreELEC has the latest Kodi version for AMLogic devices.

    Typing "Please help" 3 times, including the thread title, is a bit over the top. We try to help everyone on this forum.

    Well I have been asking for help several times but haven't got anything that I can use or understand.

    The last few times I tried getting help here, I was just told that DEV team no longer had enough time to do the Armlogic support for "stable versions" but I should download "some beta" versions and install those. However no information was provided on how to do this....

    However now I am beginning to have serious problems with the device and I am guessing it's because the software version is to old.

    It will no longer update it's "plug-ins" so when I try to add new content to it, it don't list it and it just hangs whrn I try using some of the plug-in's.

    Sorry, my device is a WeTek Play 2 box that I have been very happy with.

    So what you are saying is that I need to change away from Libreelec to CoreELEC and there is no way to stay using LibreElec.

    How do I do this ?? Is my data / settings converted / saved in the process ??

    Thank you.



    Can anyone please help me. I am using an Armlogic device running version 9.0.2.

    It's becomming unstable and have errors.

    Can someone help me about getting this system upgraded to a newer version. I understand that no officiel version is made yet and I have been told to use a BETA version.

    However I have no URL to download it + how to get it installed on the system.

    Please help with simple instructions on what to do.

    Or is "all hope" gone regarding support again for Armlogic devices and if yes, is the best solution to buy the nVidia Shield Pro and install Libreelec on that ???

    Thank you.



    Today I have Wetek Play 2 (Amlogic) that is not being supported "so much" anymore by Libreelec.

    What if I get the Nvidia Shield TV Pro as my new mediacenter, how is the Libreelec support for this ? And is there anyone that have this box that can give me their review of using it with Libreelec.

    Thank you


    driver wise it is already in a good shape, current main blocker is proper (without crash) seeking at ffmpeg

    its not really AML dependent at the moment (Rpi and others has the same problems)

    stuff is currently on hold or can't get properly implemented because the kernel apis are not finished - a matter of time with no real timescale at the moment

    Btw the difference between the legacy AML kernel + drivers that get forward ported for years now and the proper linux kernel drivers are big.

    Its basically properly redone from scratch instead of workaround the workaround of the workaround of a terrible codebase. It is very noticeable at Kodi and overall. Ofc not yet fully working.

    ah ok, then I must wait some more. I just remembered someone saying that there as beta we could get access to but I don't know how to do that. But again if it's not stable then I better wait. I hope they will be ready when the next release of kodi (matrix) is lunched....

    An Intel NUC or an RPi 4B has much better Linux support, compared to Amlogic. They can both handle 4K.

    Both have good support, but the RPi 4B has more sites of work until software will be optimized.

    Hi Da Flex.

    Thx for your reply. So if I read it correct, the Intel NUC is the best choice. What model would you recommend so I can run 4K without any problem?

    Thank you.

    We removed all support for the Amlogic vendor kernel used in older releases so an LE 9.2 release is not possible. Meanwhile; here's Linux 5.5-rc3 kernel and Kodi v19 (pre-alpha) running on a WeTek Hub and WP2 Recent changes to the hardware decode driver require some rework to ffmpeg and Kodi before I can push an update to LE master branch and make nightly builds usable again. I'm also exploring what's needed for mainline u-boot to run on those devices.

    Thx a lot for this answer. Now I get the problem.

    Would it be "a good idea" to change my home system away from Amlogic in regards to more easy support from you in the future?

    My plan for 2020 was to change it to a system that can handle 4K playback since I just got a 4K TV. :)