RPi2 on LE 9.2.3, issues with tvheadend server 4.3-1896

  • Hello to everyone! :) I have an Xbox ONE tuner and, having issues with getting it to work on a Wetek Core, I've tried it on an RPi2 I had lying around.

    My current setup is LE 9.2.3, tvheadend server 4.3-1896 and tvheadend client The Xbox ONE tuner is detected just fine, just with the built-in drivers (CrazyCat ones). I can scan the channels and everything seems fine (apart from the awful channel numbering which doesn't resemble the one I get on a 'normal' television while it seems they're sorted in the order they've been found or something similar, completely unusable this way!). The problem is that after a variable period of time (it could be two minutes but also ten seconds, not more than a couple of minutes anyway), the channel I'm viewing shuts down with a still image and the buffering circle at the center of the screen. After that, I'm no longer able to see any channel and I randomly get the error "Tvheadend Server does not respond properly" (not always though). The only way to get it working again is rebooting but then it starts acting up again.

    It seems a rather common problem and there are many threads about this issue but the proposed solutions don't work or aren't appliable being for different platforms like OSMC. Maybe it has anything to do with being my server the latest nightly, maybe incompatible with the client? Do you have a suggested version to use? I've also read of someone (more than one) having problems with LE 9.2 and tvheadend at all: should I revert back to 9.0? Would the Xbox ONE tuner be detected on it?

    Thanks in advance for your replies and have a nice day! :)

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