DNS resolve problem zattoo pvr on raspberry4

  • Hello ELECs,

    I've encountered a weird problem on raspberry 4, zattoo-pvr and with current libreelec (Git:leia_pi4_18.6-Leia) installed. On raspberry3 (Git:newclock5_18.6-Leia) everything works flawlessly with same settings.

    On raspberry4 zattoo-pvr refuses to work (no channels showed up) and the log criticizes name resolution:

    Apart from this error name resolution works accurately on the system. I can ping zattoo.com without problem.

    Has someone made similar experiences or has someone a clue what goes wrong here?

    Thanks and regards

    Meanwhile I've got similar experience with a current Elec for raspberry 3 but Git:newclock5_18.7.1-Leia. The log says:

    I'm not a python expert, but it seems as if network, or at least DNS is not quite ready when services get started. But I'm surprised no one else has reported similar problems in the meantime.


    leia_pi4_18.6-Leia does not work

    newclock5_18.6-Leia works

    newclock5_18.7.1-Leia does not work This was bullshit, technically. In fact that the working newclock5_18.6-device was the only one connected via ethernet and not via wifi, was rather the crucial factor.

    June, 19-2020

    With setting network configuration from "dhcp" to "manual" it seems as if I've found a workaround for this issue. Maybe someone of the developers will keep an eye on it in the future.

    Thanks mates.

    June, 20-2020

    Meanwhile I installed one of the the primarily flawed devices in another network and there it works flawlessly. Maybe it's because in the network of the first place the gateway ≠ name-server. Or better, wifi + dhcp + name-service was reacting to slow.

    Isn't there a parameter where you can adjust waiting time during boot for network services?

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