Hide drives in Kodis File Manager or restrict access to but share as password protected SMB?

  • Hi,

    I'm using LibeELEC also als Fileserver with SBM shares. I want to restrict the access to the drives & folders that are in the machine because everybody can access the 24/7 running Kodi installation without a password.

    There are folders with some private data i don't want to share inside kodi / kodi filemanager but as SMB with password.

    My Disk Setup:

    SDA (OS)

    SDB (Files)

    |_> /Media [as Media in Kodi AND SMB]

    |_> /OwnData [SMB but NOT in Kodi FileManager]

    1) as far as i understand kodi provides Media Folder automatic as SMB share, so "media" should be fine

    2) How can i restrict the access to the folder "OwnData" Folder in LibreElecs FileManager? It should not be accessable from the GUI OR just with a password option. But available as SMB in my network.

    SDC (Backup)

    |_> /Backup [SMB but NOT in Kodi FileManager]

    3) Harddrive [SDC] should NOT be visible in the LibreELEC FileManager

    4) "Backup" should be accessable by SMB (or FTP, SSH) like "OwnData"

    Or, maybe as another option, is there a way to restrict access to the kodi filemanager? Maybe with different user accounts?

    5) as example: autostart kodi with a "no special rights" user that only can access functions like "watch videos from library, start some stream addons" and then, if i need to configure or access something, swith to my "super user"?

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  • Thanks, i just seen that entry. But that handles just the part to create a share, not how to restrict access inside Kodi.

    I've also visited the info about profiles (Profiles - Official Kodi Wiki) but it seems that there is not a special user rights management.

    Locking (Media sources - Official Kodi Wiki) seems to not be so detailed as i want it.

    Maybe i will find something in combination with the "master lock" (Settings/Interface/Master lock - Official Kodi Wiki). As far as i can see, i can disable there the file manager. I'm not at home, so i just can study the documentation. Often it's easier to go through the system to understand or find a solution.

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  • Remove KODI drives.pdf

    Something like this?

    At first look this will run into some problem because the pdf describes how to unmount the drives. But i want to mount them in the system to access the by SSH / jobs. But i don't want see them in Kodi / the File Manager...

    I think i've figured something out with the Master Lock BUT i found a way to access the "file manager" without typing an password by using the browse function in Movies... So this is not really a secure option

    You ca browse your drives / access something similar like the file manager by using

    > Movies

    > Tags

    > ..

    > ..

    > Files

    And here you can access the hard drives without any check / password.