(9.2.3) With RPI4 4GB display_hdmi_rotate=2 option does not work

  • I'm connecting my RPI4 to an old HDMI display. The display is suspended upside-down, so I need to be able to rotate the screen 180 degrees. My config.txt looks like this:

    According to what I've read online, that display_hdmi_rotate flag should rotate the display, but it's being ignored. (I've tried setting it to all different values, as well as having tried the deprecated display_rotate option. No dice.) I noticed that if I comment out the line


    in /flash/distroconfig.txt, I'm able to get the display to rotate... but then obviously the OS doesn't boot and just hangs on the splash screen.

    I'm using version 9.2.3

  • As far as I know, it's display_rotate=2 without the hdmi part.

    Apparently things have changed a bit in the RPi-4, because you will need to disable the dtoverlay=vc4-fkms-v3d entry in the distroconfig.txt file.

    However... the boot screen is indeed upside down, but LibreELEC freezes and crashes and reboots after that.

    In Raspberry Pi OS it is suggested to make the screen rotate changes via the desktop settings, so something is different for sure.

  • Update:

    Apparently, it doesn't look like Kodi / gbm supports setting plane transformations yet, so that's something that might need to be added in the future.

    Not what you hope to hear, but it is what it is for now.