libreelec 9.2.3 console does not open using control+alt+F3!

  • It's not a bug, no matter how many exclamation marks you put in the thread title.

    It's by design.

  • so my problem has no solution?

    noapic error starting libreelec 9.2.3 :(

    --- [end kernel panic - not syncing: IO-APIC + timer doesnt...

    boot with apic=debug and senda report. then try booting with the noapic...

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  • Add "debugging" to boot params and the console on CTRL+ALT+F3 will exist.

  • After recent changes "debugging" does not include the console any more. You have to use "systemd.debug_shell" to enable it.

  • I can't get console mode to work
    I am a beginner, if you please write me what I would have to put, I would appreciate it

    thanks and sorry

  • The debug generator need to be configured to the installer unit. Add to the installer append line.