Wechip V5 ARM Cortex-A53 1.51Ghz

  • wechip V5 Android TV Box Amlogic S905 X 2

    Edit: Android 6.0 operation system. Amlogic S905X CPU, Quad core, ARM Cortex-A53, 2.0GHz. ARM Dvalin MP2 GPU 2GB DDR3 RAM

    Thats what I found on the Device.

    Maybe helpful...



  • The AMLG12 "box" image on Index of / might work using the X96-max device tree. It looks like WeChip are at the garbage end of the box maker market though. All their designs are rip-offs of other vendors, and they even have the balls to sell pirate IPTV services from their website. If it works, it works. If it doesn't work, I'm not personally interested in chasing support for devices with that kind of pedigree.

  • Not according to LMGTFY .. so you'll need to provide some bettter details of the hardware

    It is working with Android, but is little slowly it will be used for watching TV only!That`s why I want to know which version from USB creator i can download and use with that box. . . . or what else i can do with it or have to trow it away ;)

    Sorry for wasting your time.

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  • hm... last time i looked the redbull model was a phone not one of their android tv boxes.

    Wechip ouch... talk about bottom of the line... once i bought a couple of cartons of oem boxes from them and i never made that mistake again,,,

    anyways i never heard of a tvbox from them called Redbull unless i am misunderstanding something.

  • If it's running Android 6.0 and a Mali 450 GPU it's not an S905X2 device, more likely to be GXBB (S905) or perhaps GXL (S905X). Use the AMLGX "box" image and see if any of the device trees work.

  • I can`t make it boot from sd card! Reset is in AV hole but nothings happen when hold it pressed and plug in on box, just loading android! Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Well, thanks for not helping guys. . . . .

    Well that's a Bit of unfair...

    The Devs don't have every device. And If you self can't even Tell which Hardware is used it is try and Error and a Project for yourself to get it running. Or try a different OS.



  • If it's a 905x it should reboot from the sdcard but typing 'reboot update' in a terminal emulator in Android - even if the reset button doesn't function.

    If the box halts at the boot screen either; 1) the sdcard hasn't been created correctly (try flashing the image with Rufus) or 2) you have the wrong DTB (or no dtb).