Ram/sd card storage

  • hi to everyone who reads this thread. I have a problem my sd card is 32GB and I have raspberry pi 4b 8GB ram, the problem is thay libreelec only recognize the 4GB of ram instead of 8GB ram and only the 4GB of sd card storage instead of 32GB , does anyone know how to fix it?

    Thanks for your precious time

  • Hello!

    If you read the thread, you see the RAM reported by KODi ist Not correct. If you Run top via SSH 8gb ist shown.

    From one posting:

    "Linux can use the full RAM for filesystem cache/buffers and background programs / docker containers etc can make use of it. I wouldn't recommend though to run too much stuff on the RPi, it's CPU is still a lot slower than current gen Intel/AMD CPUs.

    If you just want to run Kodi then 8GB is overkill. All programs are compiled as 32bit, so each process can use max 3GB (and Kodi won't even need that). 2 or 4GB will do just fine."