Update from LE 9.02 to 9.23 some remote Keys are Not working anymore

  • Hello!

    I Just updated two HTPC from a friend and some Keys on the remote which were working okay since LE 7 changed the behavior or are Not working anymore at all.

    Using an MCE Hama remote and an X10 Medion.

    If I downgrade to 9.02 they are working Like before.

    Edit: Just tried 9.21 which acts the Same as 9.23. Last Beta 9.1x also.

    Thank you in advance



  • Hello CvH!

    Exactly, and the Other one is a Medion branded X10. Two Keys are No longer getting recognised by KODi and Keymap Editor. And one Key changed was EPG before now it works as Info Button.

    If I downgrade to everything lower than LE 9.1 (9.02, 8.25 etc) they Work like before.



  • I have the same one working at an HTPC so it should work.

    Can you have a look if you have made some keymap or advancedsettings changes somewhere ?

    You can also post a dmesg | paste output, maybe something there to spot. I would bet at some legacy config that is not working anymore at your side.

  • Please tell us which buttons exactly are not working anymore and provide a full kodi debug log where you press these buttons and a journal log with the upload log function in LibreELEC settings.

    so long,


  • @ HiassofT, Apology I don't mean to divert the this thread, issue is along the same line, my remote can only power on/off, so I couldn't use it to navigate around LE.

    My Box is Tronsmart s95 Meta, what is the approach to get this to work, this this first time I am experiencing such issue, it works on previous version of LE. Please let me know if I should create a new thread and how to resolve this issue.

    Apology again Thanks

  • Hello CvH!

    Only Keymap Change before:


    <keymap><home><keyboard><key id="249">activatewindow(filemanager)</key></keyboard></home><global><keyboard><key id="255">runscript(script.audio.profiles,0)</key><key id="247">activatewindow(home)</key><key id="249">activatewindow(filemanager)</key><key id="44">restartapp</key><key id="49">activatewindow(tvchannels)</key><key id="213">runaddon(script.module.youtube.dl)</key><key id="37">fullscreen</key><key id="250">aspectratio</key></keyboard></global><filemanager><keyboard><key id="195">contextmenu</key></keyboard></filemanager><fullscreenlivetv><keyboard><key id="250">aspectratio</key><key id="37">fullscreen</key></keyboard></fullscreenlivetv><fullscreenvideo><keyboard><key id="250">aspectratio</key><key id="37">fullscreen</key></keyboard></fullscreenvideo></keymap>


    I think something changed in lirc/lird from 9.02 to 9.1/9.2.

    Key 250 and 255 are No longer working.

    Edit: If I remember Well i used lirc before not lircd there was an Option in the LE Menu to deactivate Lircd.

    Edit2: following irw the Keys are working but, with a different id (255 ist now 174) and I can't Bind them Keymap Editor.

    Thanks in advance!



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  • Hello!

    The Hama remote aka VRC-1100

    I killed eventlircd/lirc

    Ir-keytables would Not even find a Device

    And the remote still works...

    Seems Like the Remote is identified as HID Device Mouse and Keyboard only.

    Edit: If I kill eventlircd the remote is working as before!

    But still I Wonder what Changed from 9.02 to 9.1/9.2 that some Keys stopped working.

    For the Medion X10

    I Changed the Keys. Should be okay so far.

    I could select the receiving Channel (X10 is Not ir it is 2.4Ghz Radio) in the config, so He could use two remotes at the Same time, otherwise the 2nd remote will also Switch the First Htpc (works thru 2 rooms). He could get rid Of the Hama If He want to.

    Eventghost (He was using Windows before) was able to switch/select the receiving channel. Took some time but I found a way doing this With Lircd.

    Thank you for your help CvH  HiassofT !

    Btw.... Could it be that Eventlircd is on by default since LE Beta 9.1+?



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  • Hello!

    Last question at this topic:

    Which is the "propper" way to disable eventlircd permanently?