Intel Nuc or something else...

  • I am looking to buy myself a new Nuc, probably get the NUC10I3FNK with 4gb memory, unless some of you feel I should get more memory or go for the NUC10I5FNH?. According to the Intel spec, the Intel Graphics supports HDR and 10bit. I am wondering if anyone can confirm this? I have some content that is HDR but I cannot say I notice any difference between a 1080p video and an HDR video. I am using an Optoma UHD65 Projector.

    I could probably also go for the NUC8I3BEH which is about $20 odd cheaper, just wondering what everyone's thoughts are?

    If I run Libreelec, would it run the HDR 10bit straight out of the "box" or are there some tweaks one needs to do to get this to work?

  • In case of Intel hardware, I'd go for the latest/newest version, $20 shouldn't be a problem. 4GB is more than enough for LibreELEC (a RPi W with 512MB runs it too).

    HDR is the bigger problem for now, as this is not yet widely support by Kodi / LibreELEC. There is a Windows HDR thread on the Kodi forum, but there is no specific HDR support on Linux yet.

    10-bit shouldn't be a problem, that is handled on my 'older' Intel HD605 GeminiLake machine as well.

  • Okay so do I or do I not go with the Gen 10 Nuc :-) Its seems as if the Nuc is the problem or is it just the Linux version that is the problem for now? If I ran windows 10 and then put on Kodi, I would be able to run HDR? Does the 1st revision of 8th Gen support HDR?