Movies randomly wont play on Intel NUC

  • Hi guys,

    Long-term lurker and user of LibreElec and Kodi since it was orginally on the old XBOX. Usually I manage to find a solution to any issues just by scouring the net but I've hit a dead end and hoping someone can help.

    I'm running the generic build on an Intel NUC (Core i3, 3:00ghz, 16gb RAM). When I try to play certain larger movies, usually 4K many of these movies randomly exit as soon as they start, but on rare ocassions the play just fine. Doesnt matter if I have the interface display at 1080p or 4k or have refresh rate changing enabled or not or whether I have hardware acceleration on or off. Log file below. Any help gratefully received.


  • Plenty of weird error stuff is going on there...

    I'd say do a full re-install of LibreELEC 9.2.2, and forget about skins and other add-ons.

    Enable debugging and restart LibreELEC.

    Then play one of your (problem) videos, and provide a new log file.

    You could also run a DIMM memory checker, just in case. Any Ubuntu Live distro should have one of those on board.

  • That log was taken just after a full, clean install of LibreELEC as I'd hoped that would cure it but it didn't. Memory is fine as its brand new and I'd checked it on another system just to be sure.

    In a new development though, I've cured the problem by deleting my advanced settings file which had cache related settings in it. However I still get some buffering on larger files a few minutes into the movie starting. It doesn't seem to matter what adjustments I make to the advanced settings file unless I delete it completely the behaviour above comes back.

    Any ideas?

  • Such buffering for local video files should not be necessary anyway, especially on a gigabit connection. Perhaps your SMB server is having network hiccups?

    I also saw some UPnP stuff in the log, do you really need UPnP? Disable it if that is not the case.

  • If you use network streaming, then playing the same file from an USB stick should be the first thing to try.

    I think you have to contact with support team. They have a proper knowledge to assist you in proper manner.

    Very funny, this IS the support team. Our community provides better service than most commercial companies.

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