Intel NUC 8i flickering display watching Sat-TV

  • Hello

    I'm searching for NUC (or particularly: NUC_8i3) owners to exchange some experience.

    I'm owning my i8-Nuc for ~3 month and see every ~60s recuring artefacts (?) mostly in the moving part of a picture watching Sat-TV.

    I also saw crashes with LE 9.2., 9.2.x and nightly, but without an hint how to reproduce.

    the crashes come and go, means: sometimes, over 6 h SAT-TV, I do not get a single one.

    debug log/ bug report:

    Kodi crashes watching Sat-TV · Issue #17531 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

    When I start the nuc for the first time of an day the pictures are first completely correct, but after some time (~5 minutes) I get this artefacts.

    Strange is that I'm able to watch streaming TV (german mediathek, movie-res. 864x480) or 2-4k movies I downloaded without this artefacts or crashes.

    I have never seen this with my old NUC (D34010WYKH).

    what I have tried so far:

    - played with all video related setting

    - setup a hand configured nuc (no backup restore)

    - set the lowest GPU freq. to 1050 (it lowered the artefacts somewhat)

    my qestions are:

    1. where is my problem ?

    2a. is it hardware or software ?

    2b. did I bought a "monday-device" ?

    2c. what HW component (HDMI cable, RAM, digibit, LAN) to look at ?

    3. what is your HDMI firmware version ?

    month ago Intel released a version 1.77, but pulled it ~2 weeks ago and re-released 1.77 again

    4a. would I see an sat-tv-picture at all, if the digibit, tvheadend or the LAN is unable to deliver an complete/error-free stream/content (?)

    I guess there is some error correction build in and working (to some extent).

    4b. would I then see a picture and would it declare the artefacts ?


    my Setup:

    - Telestar DIGIBIT R1 (refurbished, but flawless working since ~2 years) with standard FW

    - cable directly from the sat dish into the digibit (no switches, etc.)

    - TvHeadend for germany-sat-tv on the (same) NUC

    - LAN connection

    - HDMI connection

    - Monitor: Philips 247E3LHSU

    - Audio goes via HDMI into the monitor and at the headphone out to an 2.1 speaker system

    DigiBit R1, NUC8i3BEH

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  • No, I was using what addon-search and -install has found after an clean install: 4.2 (in the addon.xml it's version is "")

    if unknown:

    other way to find the version:

    addon => my addons => Services => tvheadend... => read the top lines

    DigiBit R1, NUC8i3BEH

  • Hello JoeAverage !

    I Just saw that you are using LE nightly builds...

    I am using official LE builds with TVH 4.2 with different Tuners (pcie, sat-ip) for years. Also different official TVH builds could be better than Others.

    I had troubles and some hickups using nightlies of LE with TVH officials too.

    Milhouse also builds TVH for his LE nightly builds. Take a Look here

    Maybe another Option. If you still have troubles.



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