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    Okay so do I or do I not go with the Gen 10 Nuc :-) Its seems as if the Nuc is the problem or is it just the Linux version that is the problem for now? If I ran windows 10 and then put on Kodi, I would be able to run HDR? Does the 1st revision of 8th Gen support HDR?

    I am looking to buy myself a new Nuc, probably get the NUC10I3FNK with 4gb memory, unless some of you feel I should get more memory or go for the NUC10I5FNH?. According to the Intel spec, the Intel Graphics supports HDR and 10bit. I am wondering if anyone can confirm this? I have some content that is HDR but I cannot say I notice any difference between a 1080p video and an HDR video. I am using an Optoma UHD65 Projector.

    I could probably also go for the NUC8I3BEH which is about $20 odd cheaper, just wondering what everyone's thoughts are?

    If I run Libreelec, would it run the HDR 10bit straight out of the "box" or are there some tweaks one needs to do to get this to work?

    Okay, so this is what I have done so far!

    1. Downloaded and installed the latest alpha version of Libreelec from here LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.90.004.img.gz

    2. Downloaded and installed the latest Aeon Nox Skin repo from here

    3. Installed the Repo and tried to download the skin, however this failed due to a dependancy on Studio Icons - White, I manually downloaded it from here resource.images.studios.white

    4. Install the skin.

    5. Change that profile does not go into last login but have to login option.

    6. Reboot.

    7. Login and immediately the screen goes black and stays there.

    This works on kodi for Mac without any problems, so not sure why it is not working here. It also works on openelec 6.0.3. I have downloaded KodiBuntu and am going to test that. I would however prefer to use LibreElec so please help me to sort this out.

    Okay, I will try with the Krypton Alpha and then get back, the problem is that this seems to only be a problem on the Generic Build of openelec and Libreelec. I have recently installed Kodi on my Mac and do not get any of these errors.

    Thanks, I manually downloaded and installed Studio Icons - White from resource.images.studios.white and I could get my skin to work, however as soon as I added profiles with login, then this stopped working! I had to do a clean install by formating etc and again once I apply profiles with login it stops working! If however I leave it on to go into last profile that it was, it goes in no problem. The other thing I cannot do when I have profiles is change from one to the other, I have to switch off and the on again and then it goes in.


    I am running LibreELEC (Jarvis 16.1) v7.0.2 on an Intel Nuc. I cannot install any skins, I love the skin Aeon Nox, but when I try to install it always stops by Studio Icons - White and then fails. I used to have this issue on openelec 7.0 beta 1,2 and 3 which is why I stayed on version 6.0.3. I tried to do it manually from Add-on:Studio Icons - White - Official Kodi Wiki but it also fails.

    Please help