openvpn server for LibreELEC

  • # INTRO

    I've made a small openvpn server that can be installed on LibreELEC running raspberry pi devices (and eventually other arm devices).

    The server runs in a small docker image (around 20MB) that is automatically loaded on first start

    After first run, you should configure your server address giving its ddns name or wan ip address.

    Then, START THE ADDON and go to your ssh CONSOLE and run:

    "openvpn-add-server" to:

    - create the server config and keys;

    - define your router address (so your openvpn clients can get access to your lan).

    Note that the keys will take up to 15 minutes to create in a Raspberry Pi 4 (be patient).

    Then call:

    "openvpn-add-user" to:

    - create users and get the ovpn file of each one.

    Theses are the files you must give to the client to acess your openvpn server using an openvpn client software.

    Restart the add-on and it's done !

    ### DOWNLOAD HERE Mobile File

    w w w . sendspace . com / file / t5ezm2


    ### The docker is hosted in:

    Docker Hub

    ### The git source is:

    GitHub - nvdias0/rpi-docker-openvpn: Docker OpenVPN image for Raspberry Pi

    it is a fork from olivierguerriat/rpi-docker-openvpn, which in turn is a fork from kylemanna/docker-openvpn with an armhf base image

    Loom at those links above if you want to know more.

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  • Any chance you could compile one for x86_64? 😉 Tried to do it long time ago with docker but never had a luck with working connection 😕

  • Have you tried at docker hub ?

    there's a lot of openvpn releases. Even with openvpn-as (the web based administration only for x86)

  • Hi nvdias, the command openvpn-add-server in ssh returns the following message:

    1. -sh: openvpn-add-server: not found

    I juste installed the addon and configured the DDNS adress. Did I miss something?

  • You just have to install the add-on and have-it enable for the path to be searchable.

    you can also try:

    1. /storage/.kodi/addons/docker.openvpn.server/bin/openvpn-add-server