Raspberry pi 4, display LE to 2nd hdmi port

  • Hi there

    I would like to display LE from the 2nd hdmi, now it is the 1st and LE wont clone displays...

    Why? Because i have the RP near to my computer with 1 hdmi cable and the other cable goes to tv a few meters apart.

    I would like to work with diverent os's on the RP and through the main hdmi port to my computer monitor. Now i have to attach the main hdmi cable (1) to the main on the RP to be able to see movies... If i want to work with different os's i have to switch the cables, which i have to do very often.

    Is there a way to select the hdmi port through config.txt so i can choose which hdmi port to display from when launching LE?

  • ok thanx but i dont have to use the whole script do i? i see people having trouble when they do so..... maybe some lines which refer to hdmi?

  • aha ok, well i am a rp starter, so i have alot to learn..... the script you were refering to delivers a black screen on the 2nd port

    the only thing i want is to output through hdmi 1 (2nd port) so i can use hdmi 0 for other os's and i dont need to swap the cables repeatly

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    I haven't found a solution that does HDMI0 -> HDMI1 on-the-fly. Using config.txt at boot time seems to be the only software option.

    We don't call it a script, config.txt is a configuration file.

    The config.txt of the link starts with arm_freq=1500 and ends with hdmi_pixel_freq_limit:1=0x11e1a300. Copy that part into your own config.txt.

    If it has no effect, I can only suggest a hardware solution, which is an HDMI switch.

  • Ok thanx, i already did that yesterday and just a few minutes ago, but with the same result : black screen on the 2nd screen...

    what i can say that it is doing something, because the default config.txt displays a coloured screen on the 2nd display

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    After some more reading it looks like HDMI-1 depends on an active HDMI-0. Just for testing, start your RPi with both screens connected.

    If it turns out that this dependency is true (do an extra research to be sure), you have to buy an HDMI switch to do what you want.

  • Iridium indead, you understood correctly and yes, i already search for several splitters and switches, splitters can stream over MAX 3 meters, while powered switches can do a bigger distance

    Da Flex , yep you are right :)

    thanx all, i now know what i have to do