LE10 timeline

  • Don't mean to push or be demanding. Just looking forward to v10 and the new things coming with it (IE, HDR and such).

    Looking for something to look forward to during this time of craziness.

  • Yesh, seems upscale is also coming! (ref. ^^^^^)

    Sorry, could not resist :D

    Is there somewhere a public roadmap or something to see features planned?

  • Kodi v19 is still in a pre-Alpha state, and that suits us just fine since there's still a ton of plumbing that we'd like to do for GBM/V4L2 support on ARM devices. So there will be an LE10, but not anytime soon, and we're not in a rush. The K19 add-on Python3 migration situation will also ensure lots of people will remain on K18 for a while yet anyway.

  • chewitt

    Thanks for your reply.

    Im waiting for this nice software and i really appreciated to enjoy High bitrate audio (DTS-HD, True HD) via Passthrough to my receiver.

    Do you know if there is any Milhouse PI 4 Build to test HBR Audio ?

  • There are Milhouse RPI4 images now, but I'm not aware of any eureka moments on HBR audio. It is being worked on tho..