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    Yesh, seems upscale is also coming! (ref. ^^^^^)

    Sorry, could not resist :D

    Is there somewhere a public roadmap or something to see features planned?

    In short:

    - the bottom green line does NOT appear when playing the MKV in VLC (latest official release) on Windows 10

    - the bottom green line APPEARS when playing the MKV in LE 8.x / Kodi 17.6 (no changes in LE / Kodi environment)

    I am all "?????" what could cause this.

    Could it have something (what?) to do with Kodi/LE display settings (frequency?) or something?



    My setup: LibreElec 8.x (Generic) with Kodi 17.6.


    I have a weird visual display issue when playing an .MKV movie files: on the bottom of the video there's a thin (say 1-2 pixels on height) full screen width green horizontal line constantly visible when playing an MKV in Kodi. Notice: The green line ain't visible when I play the same MKV e.g. in VLC on my Windows laptop. What could cause such a strange and visually disturbing effect?

    The video sources are a blu-ray/dvd's (display ratio 2.39:1 / 16x9) > produced an MKV with MakeMKV (latest; no green line visible) and encoded with HandBrake (latest; no green line visible on VLC/Windows).

    Seems that the "green line effect" appears in all (well 90%) of my existing MKV's when I start playing. My LE / Kodi software hasn't changed, but some HW has changed: TV (Sony XF9005) and A/V receiver (Yamaha RX-v685). Could it have something to do with in LE/Kodi:

    - video player accelerators?

    - refresh rate (currently 60hz)?

    - something else?

    I'm very confused where to start looking for fix - help highly appreciated :)


    There is expected to appear an article for Wiki about "Gaming" at some point, but timing unknown. Also the gaming experience in Kodi 18 is not the best yet, but definitelly a good start. So seems that Gamestarter is the one option, Internet Gaming Archive the other.

    Tried following the Internet Archive ... but seems was too complicated (read: too many steps to execute) for me - perhaps I will return trying that later. Also eagerly awaiting that there comes some LE wiki stuff written on gaming support and how to do it.


    Understood & shall keep on waiting.

    Most likely will "jump along" with the IAGL or Retroplayer add-on, no patience to wait until Kodi 19/20 :D

    I think there are a bunch of "How to play games in LE / Kodi with xyz" already, but I think it would be great to have somekind of summary with the upcoming LE release written in the Wiki perhaps?

    Just a thought.


    Until Kodi gets a native frontend for selecting games the easiest way is to use the Internet Archive Game Launcher addon by zachmorris Internet Archive Game Launcher

    I though that Leia will get also proper game front-end support (incl. Game selector), but seems I was wrong (mean my expectations).

    Has that (native game-selecting front-end):

    1) Never been on Leia roadmap (= not planned)?

    2) Not in scope for the 1st "release"

    3) Initially planned for Kodi "M"? (yeah I know, perhaps wrong place to ask) or

    4) Front-end game-selector needs to done via a separate add-on in Kodi Leia

    Appreciated :)


    1. Most (not all, but most) LE images have a VNC *server* addon available. 2. Teamviewer (client) does not speak VNC so it cannot connect to a VNC server on an LE box, you would need to connect via TeamViewer to a Win/Mac desktop (with a VNC client installed) with network access to the VNC server on the HTPC. Performance of 2x remote viewing tools on-top of each other probably sucks. 3. If you have network access to the HTPC with VNC server installed you can connect directly using a VNC client.

    NB: If you use VNC to remote view the Kodi GUI performance will be accessible for basic admin tasks. Don't expect to watch movies. Even if it does half work it's nothing something we have any interest in supporting.

    Thx chewitt ! Quick follow-up:

    1) Great!

    2) OK, will forget TeamViewer in this scenario

    3) The VNC it is. Sure I have network address (ip and "hostname") in my home-network for LE

    Absolutely NOT planning to watch movies, configuration & some "administrative" tasks is then uc.


    This might a blondish question, but I'll shoot anyway :D

    My LE installation (8.2.5) sits on pretty "oldish" DELL E6420 Laptop (with Intel HD Graphics 3000) and I *assume* it carries HDMI 1.4 (could not yet validate the HDMI version). The DELL is currently plugged into my AV receiver (non 4K supported YET - will be upgraded).

    If I'd wanna view Ultra HD (4K) content, do I need to upgrade my DELL "htpc" as well OR is it enough just to upgrade my AV receiver?