Libreelec Audiophile Version

  • Good morning all!

    I discovered a version of libreelec mod special Audiophile for Raspberry pi 2/3, this one works impeccably with my DAC USB Mydac MICROMEGA.

    I no longer have a sound problem in the Netflix addon or on some FLACs.

    Here is the link of the translated page (Koreen origin):

    Google Traduction


    미노의 리눅스 소리 : 네이버 블로그

    Github:GitHub - parkmino/audiophile: Mino's Audiophile Tunings for Linux and Open Souce Software

    Very good Audio MOD

  • I think that this is generally a very good idea but I am not a fan of this being a Raspberry Pi (as much as I love this device) exclusive.

    Sure, there are a lot and affordable Pi Hats available that give you a great sound but what about good PC/Mac Sound cards or even proper studio grade ones that you can get from your local music store like the ones from RME, Apogee, Halo, Focusrite and many more? And even without a fancy sound interface, what about using the surplus computing power that we nowadays take for granted for optimizing the sound with things like Secret Rabbit Code (libresample) and/or SoX and maybe put something like freesurround on top of that?

    My approach would be to reinstate the development and implementation of the DSP section in Kodi and do the same for the MPD Addon which has been around years ago. Then add support for more Sound Interfaces that go beyond the usual suspects and make better use of SRC (Secret Rabbit Code, also known as libresample) and SoX which are already part of LibreELEC. Then take apart something like Volumio (already available for X86) or Runeaudio and intergrate it in a sensible way into LibreELEC in order to make LibreELEC the only media OS that you will ever need, including the so called Audiophiles. You would be surprised how great even some stock on board HD Audio codec or Intel/NVidia HD Audio over HDMI can sound if set up right and given that you have some decent speakers and/or headphones connected to it.

    One of the great advantages of LibreELEC is that it supports so many different hardware platforms and I would be strongly in favour of keeping it that way. I don't mind forks but would it not be nicer to have one project where everyone can participate in his own way instead of having a million different niche versions to choose from? What I would suggest tho is to split LibreELEC into a pure player and a pure server edition within the main LibreELEC project.

  • Kodi DSP development stopped because it was a one-man effort (nothing unusual in Kodi land) and that individual took a break due to research and work things in real-life. However, they surfaced again recently and said they would be resuming where they left off. I didn't see anything yet, but DSP may yet be revived. Removing it was still the right decision as it's was incomplete and it's been ~two years.

  • Not a good idea to build an audiophile LE version for RPi's. Not just what chewitt mentioned is a problem.

    Two more problems:

    People often want HD audio on RPi's HDMI, but it looks like this hardware (or software implementation of audio pass-through) is too slow for native (non-PCM pass-through) HD audio (and other high speed) formats.

    When trying to do the same thing with an USB DAC, then you need a real-time Linux kernel to deliver high speed audio data in time to USB. That's probably what the LE mod guys did, but it slows other tasks down.

    Flexin' vinyl, jammin' break beats. 8)

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