Pi4 Performance

  • I was wondering how the performance of the Pi4 compares to the Vero 4k+. I ran CPUBench on my Vero and get roughly a score in the 13500-14000 range.

  • Cool. Will post there too.

    I'm curious because I feel limited by the Vero4k+. I know the RPi4 isn't ready yet for proper 4k hdr but its on its way. Plus I wouldn't be limited to 16GB either. Ideally there would be an x64 option as then I would have no problems running my intensive skin and large media collection.

  • I have a more specific question regarding the performance of RPi 4.

    I have an Nvidia Shield, but unfortunately it cannot play MVC. Thus, I have also set up an RPi 3 with LibreElec to watch 3D-Bluray images. I can play the 3D isos with it, but the access to the ISOs is quite slow, and if I e.g. rewind a movie, the RPi 3 hangs or crashes. It seems to me that the RPi 3 is just not powerful enough to handle the movies inside the Iso images. My problem solving so far has been to convert the isos with makemkv to mkv (with the MVC track in it). These run smoothly and in 3D on the Pi 3, but the whole thing is quite cumbersome.

    I am now thinking about whether it might work better with a Raspberry Pi 4 and ask if someone has already tried this with the RPi 4 and can report whether 3D iso images can be processed with the Pi 4 & LibreElec without problems.

    Thanks a lot!

    P.S.: My RPi 3 is connected via 1000 mbit LAN to a windows PC which serves the video files in my network.

  • My RPi 3 is connected via 1000 mbit LAN

    Unfortunately for you, the RPi3 only has a 100Mb/s port, which works at approx 30-35Mb/s as per USB2.0 speeds.

    The RPi4 has a gigabit port, it that works at 300Mb/s speeds. Still better than a RPI3, and the RPi4 has more 'oompf'.

  • oh, I wasn't aware that RPi 3 has only 100 mbit LAN. However, did you test 3D-bluray ISOs with RPi 4? Does this work properly?

  • RPi3 remains the benchmark for 3D support. RPi4 has more oompf but a different SoC/drivers and many things with a higher priority for development effort than 3D.