LibreELEC Kodi as a BLuetooth audio receiver??

  • I can connected my Raspberry Pi 3B+ to bluetooth devices like a keyboard, Harmony Smart Hub remote, and my Android Smartphone. But I have not figured out how to get my smartphone to play music and have the RP3B+ receive that and send it to the speaker system I have connected to the RP3B+ via 3.5mm audio out jack.

    Is that possible and if so, how do I configure it?

  • Pulseaudio [][]=bluetooth#bluetooth_audio_receiving

    Missed that one in my search. I'll see if I can make it work.


    Okay I used the pulseaudio link as a guide and I can set my source correctly. Now how do I get the music that is playing on my phone to play on the Kodi system. My audio output is PI:Analogue since my sound comes out the 3.5mm jack and into the AV receiver.

    pactl set-default-source bluez_source.C8_D7_B0_C1_1A_65.a2dp_source

    set the source, but there must be some other step I'm missing. In Music my only source is a directory on my NAS.


    Jim A