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    There is the Tvheadend Addon that includes Tvheadend server that is responsible for recordings, reception, channels ... and there is the pvr.hts addon that connects the Tvh server with Kodi.

    Perhaps I must have missed something. From what repository is this pvr.hts addon?

    But Tvheadend is working! It's the Chorus2 client that's lost it's websocket connection. Strange, it used to be working with Chorus2 until sunday.

    Now I found I just got to click the play buttons at Tvheadend's list of services on the config interface and then VLC player starts and I watch TV. Not that comfortable to manage but better than nothing. I got 38 channels, including some double listings, not that bad :)

    Thanks for your patience!


    I'm still struggling with TV muxes and channels. I connected a roof-top antenna and voila! there's 28 stations (services) available (the local TV station is still missing). But now I can't watch TV any more. The TVheadend PVR addon doesn't show up in the Chorus menu.

    TVheadend appears to be started, however:

    LibreELEC:~ # ps |grep tvheadend

    611 root 0:04 /storage/.kodi/addons/service.tvheadend42/bin/tvheadend -B -C -u root -g video -c /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.tvheadend42

    Help is needed, T.I.A.


    Once you have hardware, look in the usual location and then there's no need for hypothetical questions.

    Pi Zero and TV-Hat arrived so it's no more hypothetical. And yes, there's TVheadend, both server and client addons available for Librelec on the Pi Zero. Setup was smooth but finding DVB-T2 muxes and channels was a struggle. Now most hand-tuned channels appear to work and I could already watch some TV via Chorus 2. Thanks for your support!

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    I'm not talking about decoding. I used the term server for what is conventionally called a backend in PVR speak. Is there a TVheadend server addon for the RaspberryPi Zero W?

    I'm aware I'll need something bigger than an Orange Pi One for the (front-end) decoding part. Probably a Pi4B 4GB would be the best deal.

    I'm afraid I can't use my Orange Pi One H3 for DVB-T2 since it's only capable of 8 bit HEVC decoding whereas TV stations in Germany are using 10 bit streams. Can anybody confirm this?

    If I use a Raspberry Pi TV HAT tuner on top of a Raspberry Pi Zero W board, is there a working Libreelec-TVheadend server solution for it? Or should I use Raspbian?

    Thanks for your hints. I checked boot.scr and script.bin using a hex editor but couldn't find the string "disk" in it.

    However, it seems my SD card layout and boot partition is different from what I expected. And the boot partition's 16bit FAT is damaged. fsck didn't do any good about it. Unfortunately I don't have a backup since I got the Orange Pi from my nephew and he deleted everything from his old PC.

    How can I get a fresh SD-card image of LibreELEC for my Orange Pi One H3?

    besit Can you test this update? libreelec-h3.arm-9.80-devel-20191225103817-587b061.tar

    I enabled additional drivers in kernel. If it works for you, I'll open PR so those drivers will be included in nightlies.

    I'd like to test the update too. How do I install it?

    My current system is LibreELEC-H3.arm-9.1-devel-20190417111528-8a67660-orangepi_one.img.gz

    It seems I got no update channels. There's no Update folder so I made one (under /storage) and I also tried with the existing /storage.update folder but to no avail.

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    Hi all,

    I got a WETEK Play 1 with LibreELEC 9.0.0 and KODI 18.0-Leia installed. I mostly use it for DVB-S streaming over WIFI (local monitor off). At night I want to save some power and shutdown that coffee warmer.

    With LibreELEC 8 I only had to push the OFF button (remote or built-in) and off she went. Not so with 9.0.0. Can I get back the One-Press Shutdown or will I have to teach my family how to blind-dial the shutdown menu?

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    I tried your little autostart script and it worked :) However, the sound is terribly overamplified and clipped, even at the lowest possible volume level from my bluetooth-audio source (my smartphone). I haven't found a volume knob for pulse audio so far.

    I removed the autostart script and rebooted but unfortunately all audio output sounds clipped now.


    Settings > System > Audio > Audiodecoder

    the uppermost line

    Audio Output Device Default, Bluetooth (Pulse Audio)

    is greyed out. How can I turn back to Default (ALSA)?

    Any hints appreciated.