Bug: maximum amount of movie covers?

  • Hi,

    I'm using a Raspberry pi3 with Libreelec 8.2 and two connected external HDDs.

    Bug1: I was always copying my files to the external HHD via Lan. At some point I couldn't write any more data on the HDD, eventhough it was bearly at 30% usage.

    I can still copy the new files through my PC and afterwards i can still read those files at my Raspberry.

    Bug2: At the same point where i couldn't write new data through Lan, I couldn't scrap new movies in my database. Libreelec just don't recognize new movies if I do a database refresh.

    Under "Video" i can still select my HDD and navigate through my scrapped movies with covers and the new one without.

    (I've tested it on libreelec 8.2 and a 9.2 version. Both had the same bug, although they could scrap a different amount of movies)

    The memory and storage are looking OK for me:

    Any ideas?

  • Bug1: A bit weird... Which disk format do the HDDs have? NTFS, EXT4? Something else?

    Bug2: There is a bug with movies/tvshows and a large number of fanart links. I'm not sure if this is only for MySQL or for SQLite as well (I only use MySQL). See here: Fields too small in MySQL Database (Solution included) · Issue #15768 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub

    The full drive is in ntfs, the drive which maybe causing the problems is on exfat. Could be this a problem?

    I don't think this is the same bug, because I'm not able to scrap any new movie in my database.

  • Both disk formats are supported, but perhaps the problem drive does have problems? Connect it to a Windows machine and do a full checkup.

    The bug appeared with certain popular TV shows like GoT, DrWho and another one.

  • If I add those movies on my PC from the HDDs connected to the Raspberry via lan, then i can scrap every single movie with no mistakes.

    Therefore it's a problem either from libreelec or some conflicts with raspbian.

    I exclude a direct problem with the HDDs.

    Either way, I have still no clue how to fix this issue.

  • After a painstacking amount of testing, i found out that if I create a new folder, I am able to srcap it once.

    Afterwards, if I add a new movie into that folder, it won't work anymore.

    Therefore it's a new bug, but also a cumbersome "fix" of the prior bug. At least I'm able to add movies again.

  • Scraping issues are frequently caused by people not following "the Kodi way" of structuring files/folders. Put each movie in it's own "moveiname (YYYY)" folder under the (source) root and things should be fine. Stuff everything into a single folder and .. expect some scraper issues.