Freezing playing video sometimes with RPi4 1GB in LE 9.2

  • Hello,

    recently I installed LE 9.2 from zero in two RPi4 1GB, and in a RPi4 4 GB.

    In a first time, with a advancedsetting for the RPi3, in both RPi4 1GB, when I tried to play video streaming, after some minutes the SO freezes and restart is needed.

    I changed the advancedsettings for this, more simple:

    And I detected an important improve, and only freeze sometimes.

    The other important information:

    -Both RPi4 1GB have the basic heathsinks and the fan in slow mode

    -The RPi4 4GB, with the same advancedsettins but adapted to 4GB RAM (changeging memorysize to 922746880), and with the same heathsinks, and another heatshink for the cpu (doble basic heathsink, one on top of the other) and the fan in slow mode, don't have any freeze, runs perfectly


  • Hi,

    i have rpi4 4gb and this one also freezes when I watch a movie. But I never changed anything in the advancesettings.

    You have tips for me to try?