No libx264 encoder on Raspberry Pi 4B

  • Hi,

    I have installed LibreELEC 9.2.0 on my RPI4B and when I'm trying to streem my DBT (Raspberry Pi TV HAT) to Web browser there is only audio.

    In log I've found this message:

    2019-12-03 13:10:03.005 transcode: 000C: Unable to find libx264 encoder

    Any idea what can I do?

    Many thanks.

  • I was never able to use transcoding with the native LE or CE tvheadend addons services. Only after installing docker linuxserver/tvheadend service (very latest version 4.3-1964) I been able to verify that h264 hardware transcoding works fine on my x86_64 device. I don't know if this will work on RPi.

  • If you r using ffmpeg just use "h264" transcoding or "h264_omx" in command..I don't think there is any libx264 in default ffmpeg addon..and even if you do your own ffmpeg libx264 needs lots of cpu and rpi would least my rpi2...I tried it before and it uses 3 to 4 times more cpu in rpi..maybe the 4 might work not sure..

    On this thread there is a version of ffmpeg and if I m not mistaken it got libx264 if you wanna try here

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