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    Raspberry Pi 4+TV hat+LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.1.502+Kodi 18.4 (Linux Kernel 4.19.x) having HTS Tvheadend 4.2.8-27 ~ LibreELEC Tvh-addon v9.2.0.120

    On default installation, the recording failed due to non-existing recording directory /storage/recordings which is by default defined in Configuration/Recording/Default profile/Recording system path.

    I think that the best option would be if TVheadend automaticaly create the directory, autoselect some that exist (in my case /storage/tvshows) which would prevent failures. If really not possible, then user should be invited to select the directory among existing ones during installation.

    Nothing-saying general status "Time missed" on failed Recordings tab. Should be able to be clicked or the red erroneous icon to show mouse hover menu or the info box with more details about exact cause of the recording failure (ie: TVheadend recordings save path does not exist, you have to create it or change it in configuration)


    on RPi4+TV hat+LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.1.502+Kodi 18.4 (Linux Kernel 4.19.x)

    i have non-english language and so all the paths and options mentioned there are just free translation, it may be named differently.

    In Settings / System / Input / peripherals / CEC adapter (libCEC 4.0.4 firmware1)

    there is an option to sleep/hibernate/pause playback/stop playback when i turn off the TV (HDMI-CEC enabled in it).

    BUT only option of that four that works is to "stop playback". I tried to restart RPi each time. :angel:

    How i know it does not work? Because i have headphones connected to the jack and only option it stop audio is when "stop playback" action is selected. Please let me know and if you need more details. :thumbup:

    Hello, i never used LibreElec and i am looking for a DVB-T2 device (possibly something like Raspberry Pi4 with TV hat) + as i understand it, only viable option regarding TV software is LibreElec?

    Here i am wondering how the software visual interface for changing TV channels will look like. I have seen some screenshots on the search engine, but my question:

    Can i see somewhere the screenshots of various styles/themes/templates the TV channel list (channel guide, timeline) can have? I assume there is not only one interface/style?

    Before i start buying the device i want to be sure the software interface will be handy/easy to use and i can navigate it using my existing TV remote control (my LG TV is said to support HDMI-CEC).

    Thank you in advance for sharing your experience. :thumbup: