Is the Wetek play 2 recommended ?

  • Hi, I'm using LibreElec a lot on my 10 years old Asrock iON 330 but it died so I need a cheap replacement

    There is a used Wetek play 2 that I want to buy

    I like that because I want something that boots straight to Kodi without Android

    It must be able to play H264/h265 on 1080p streamed over SMB

    Start booting right away when powered

    Run the latest 18.x kodi with the nextpvr or hdhomerun add on

    And plugin an USB IR receiver for a Logitech Harmony

    So.. would this box make me happy ?

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  • Depending on what its going to cost you and if you can find up to date software with Kodi 18 would be the biggest questions you will need to find answers for...

    Seeing as its a older unit and if your not able to build things like LE yourself, then you will have to rely on finding a build that someone is publicly supporting for the device with current Kodi revisions...that may be the biggest hurdle...

    I know from a hardware point that the Wetek Play 2 should be able to handle what you've asked as i use old boxes all the time but without current firmware you may be just better off buying something a bit newer that you know is still currently being developed on and the firmware files are more readily available for...