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    Hi, I'm using LibreElec a lot on my 10 years old Asrock iON 330 but it died so I need a cheap replacement

    There is a used Wetek play 2 that I want to buy

    I like that because I want something that boots straight to Kodi without Android

    It must be able to play H264/h265 on 1080p streamed over SMB

    Start booting right away when powered

    Run the latest 18.x kodi with the nextpvr or hdhomerun add on

    And plugin an USB IR receiver for a Logitech Harmony

    So.. would this box make me happy ?

    well it works now with remote.xml in keymaps
    Thanks for the help :)








    I started debug but it's a little confusing because the back key doesn't interact with the video but it brings me the navigation menu over the video

    Anyway.. Video starts, I push back 5 times to get back to the video. Then stop is pushed


    We user the older Harmony 550/525

    The MCE command I sent from the Harmont is "BACK"

    It's assigned to BACK on the 550 and prev on the 525

    Ok so I placed keymap.xml in the keymaps folder

    With this content but it doesn;t work

    I placed a copy in userdata, no go


    Ok I trying to go 7 seconds back when I hit the back key on my harmony (MCE remote)

    It was working but this settings got lost on me

    I need some help please with smallstepback for my logitech Harmony

    This was before in keymaps and I'm trying it now in advancedsettings.xml
    But so far no luck, I just browse though the GUI when I hit the BACK key










    Sorry for the long delay

    I was hoping this would resolve itself with newer versions etc

    But Youtube is still slow on LibreElec, as in 30 seconds wait before a video starts

    It is fast on OpenElec but OpenElec fails to start 9 out of 10 times on my AsRock ION 330

    Anyway here is the logfile

    Sure.. I understand and will build one asap

    fyi I'm on LibreElec 7.0.3 now and YouTube is screaming fast

    Everything < 1 second.. It's amazing

    But no surprise, sadly LibreSpot doesnt work

    Ok clean install of 8.20.generic on a new hardisk and YouTube is slow as hell.. About 20 seconds to start a video

    I did all the fiddeling that I can think of but nothing seems to improve it.

    My best guess was the max bandwith but setting that to 999999999 didn't help

    Youtube is fast if I repeat the same steps with a clean setup for OpenElec 8.0.4

    I'm on LibreElec 8.2.0 now for 2 days and it's still running rather horrible.

    I did play with Cache, video quality and a few other thing without any luck

    The things in the maintenance tab also didn't matter

    Reinstalling the YouTube add-on also didn't help

    So far I just throw a new TAR file in the update folder

    When I get the chance I'll do a clean install of 8.2.0

    I'm so lost now.

    Around september Youtube was working well for me so I made a cloned HD as a backup (updates off)

    Youtube turned slow again so I plugged back the old HD, but it's also slow now.

    It only seems to work well on OpenElec 8.0.4 for me. Youtube browses fast and video's play in about 3 seconds.

    But that version of OpenElec has a problem to boot.

    Often it starts with a black screen even if xorg.conf is the same as LibreElec

    So I'm stuck with a youtube that needs about 20 seconds to start a video

    Searching is also quite slow..

    I get a notification now popping up the title and artist.

    But with ALSA it still won't start the song in the first minute or 2.

    It looks though that Kodi output is much better now

    Responsive within an acceptable second or two

    It also works right away after a reboot

    And it's responsive after stopping a video

    The screen goes a bit bananas displaying and playing a song with a increasing length of 3.. 4... 5.. 6... seconds

    And then the screen goes black after 6 or so seconds

    Still displaying notifications though

    For me this is perfect :P

    Does the avahi dns error matter ?

    I start LibreElec and wait half a minute or so

    Then I had to try to connect a couple of times before it started playing

    Stopped and played a video

    Waited half a minute or so

    Then I had to try to connect a couple of times before it started playing

    No idea how to post a log so I pasted it as a spoiler :)