Playback issues with HD MKV bluray rips

  • Hi,

    I'm using LE 9.0.2 on a Wetek Play. I have a number of MKV bluray rips from my disc collection, but for a while now I've been unable to play them.

    I start the title, choose main title and it starts playing. Within a couple of minutes playback slows, pauses and eventually freezes, almost as if there is nothing left in the buffer but without any indication of buffer filling. Leave it a for a few minutes and still nothing has moved on, although I think (not certain at the moment) that the elapsed time still increments as if it was playing. I can pause playback, wait a while the resume, and maybe it will advance a frame or two and freeze again.

    I've been through all the settings, making changes, testing, reverting and changing something else with no luck. I know it used to work fine, but as I don't play a lot of films, it went unnoticed for a while over at least a couple of incremental updates. I'm reasonably sure it was fine in 8.xx.

    Added: Should have said - the files are stored on a QNap Nas all on 1GB ethernet - not using WiFi.