[wetek play 2] Nightlies build?

  • Hello,

    As I own pi3 and a wetek play 2, and my kodi database is on a server, I need to run the same version of kodi.

    I wanted to test the nightly build for the wetek,

    but can't find where to download it, or do I need to compil it?

    Thanks you!

  • There is no LE 9.2 version for Amlogic devices. We are in progress of switching to mainline kernel drivers for that devices and this isn't completly ready yet.

    But if you need the same databases (mysql setup i guess) you can also use LE9.0 for WP2.

  • Thank you, so I didn't understand correctly the 9.2 beta article.

    Yeah I already use 9.0 for my WP2 and my setup is a mariadb one .

    I wanted to push my pi3 to the 9.2beta but if there is a bump in kodi version, the database will not be the same.

    I think i'll wait until 9.2beta (or final) will be available for all my setup.