[Step by Step Tutorial] LibreElec on H96 Max+ *** Also IR Remote support ***

  • Firstly I would like to thank all user who have made a contribution in support of RK3328 device, in particular:

    @ balbes150 from FreakTab Forum, @ hexdump from Armbian Forum, easyb, @ amirul From Armbian Forum and LE community.

    What you need:

    1 USB stick: at least 1 gb

    1 SD Card : strongly suggespted at least 4 gb

    Balena Etcher: balenaEtcher - Home

    LibreElec custom image for H96 Max+ : https://mega.nz/#!IxYXFIbb!DCiQiwYLK...-dyQ8IUDnDl2nA
    referred imaginatively by me as
    "Libre_Elec H96 Max+ _Crossover"

    IR Remote fix: https://mega.nz/#!hpZlxAzb!FaqEvNF_T...iwQmbXdOF7As3U

    Let's Start

    Install and open Balena Etcher ----> click on "select image" and choose Libre_Elec_H96_Max+ _Crossover.img

    Instert usb stick and SD card in your pc. -I suggespt to delete all partitions on these units, -make a backup before doing it-

    Click on "Select Target" and choose: USB stick and SD card

    Click on "Flash!"----> wait for FINISH.

    Now insert USB stick and SD card in your H96 Max+, connect HDMI cable to TV, connect power supply cable.

    After powering on, you can read: "PARTITION RESAZING IN PROGRESS" ,
    wait till the device is rebooted.

    After the reboot you can see the home screen of KODI, complete first setup using a usb mouse.

    Wait 5 minutes, then power off the device using the icon in KODI home screen.

    Remove power supply cable, remove USB stick, keep SD card inserted in H96 Max+.

    Power on the device, leave work the interafce till you see KODI HOME.

    Now you have succesfully installed LibreElec on SD card

    How to make IR Remote working:

    Open IR_Remote_fix_by_easyb.zip archive,----> extract: [h96mp , rc_maps.cfg] in a free USB stick.

    Open settings in KODI,----> click on File Manager ,----> click on Add source,----> set same as picture and click ok.


    Insert your usb stick in H96 Max+

    You have now a situation like a next picture, you can see 2 different columns. -my usb stick is named "USB_STICK"-

    In left column open your USB stick clicking on her name, in right colum open .config folder clicking on it.


    You must click one for one on two files : [h96mp , rc_maps.cfg] in left column, till their names become green,
    ----> right button of your mouse and click on copy,----> Confirm. Results in next picture


    In the right column click and enter in rc_keymaps folder, reselect two files in left column, they become green,----> right button of your mouse, click on copy, Confirm. Results in next picture


    Reboot device. You have now a working IR Remote


    HDMI AUDIO: works
    IR Remote: works
    Wifi usb dongle: works
    bluetooth usb dongle: works
    ON/OFF Led Indicator: works
    CEC: not tested



    Final conclusions: what I've done, and why:

    I have assembled the image, but the credits belongs to others.

    I chose to use:

    The super system: LE 9.80 kernel 4 by balbes150: that support usb wifi and bluetooth dongles.

    The easyb dtb to be able to offer compatibility with HDMI AUDIO and have ON/OFF LED that works.

    The u-boot component of LE 9.1 generic official image, beacuse the easyb dtb doesn't work with balbes150 u-boot.

    i don't know why.

    IR Remote Fix by easyb: to make IR Remote control works.

    In the guide there could be inaccuracies regarding the terms used, forgive my lack of knowledge.
    There are LibreElec features that I haven't tested yet, any error report or correction report is welcome


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  • Tutorials are always welcome, but please mind the spelling of the name LibreELEC:

    it is a single word with many upper and some lowercase letters, and it's not written as two separate parts.

  • Hi Digit97 ,

    I don't use H96 Max,

    but I think it's great that you did a tutorial on it.

    Tutorials have also made it easier for me to get started with LibreELEC.


    NanoPC-T4 with LibreELEC, EMBY and TVHeadend Client, 9.2.0
    Odroid-N2 with CoreELEC, EMBY and TVHeadend Client, 9.2.1

    NAS with EMBY Server, TVHeadend Server

  • Thank you for tutorial.

    I have successfully installed libreELEC 9.2.0 on SDcard and Kodi is running from it on H96 max+ (RK3328).

    My problem is that Kodi on libreELEC is very slow and movie are lagging. On original android 9 is Kodi much faster.

    Is there any reason?